How our brilliant, conscious couples access their innate Thriving Code to become wiser, healthier, and more connected with their most valued intentions

[without feeling guilty about the lifestyle choices they’re making]

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Today there’s a plethora of pop culture buzzwords and trendy practices aimed at making you think you need to change or transform your life, but the TRUTH is all you really need is to decode the combination to your natural ability to THRIVE. It's not only innate, it’s also the drive of your desire to succeed and your longing to be fulfilled. However, using mostly your intellect, only accesses one dimension of your dynamic intelligence, leaving you feeling empty and disconnected, no matter how much you achieve. Similar to our DNA Code, our Thriving Code is unique to each of us, and we assist you in decoding your specific Thriving Code, that brings alive dormant forces that recalibrate your vital energy centers, so you naturally make the right decisions for your family, value the quality of your experiences moment by moment and live a legacy of distinction.

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An evolutionary podcast dedicated to the brilliant high performing, innovative individual on the quest to deepen your soul connection in the midst of success, and thrive fully in the life you live now. Join us for leading edge conversations, that question convention and challenge agreements.

Hello Lovely, I’m Kalyani

Hand in hand with my amazing hubby, for nearly 25 years, we've been visionary partners in life and business, and premier teachers of Personal Thriving Mastery. In addition to being authors of Ignite Your Relationship, Transform the World, and travel life educators to our children, we are the principal Thriving Coaches & Consultants of our luxury consulting boutique. We assist our extraordinary clients to activate their unique Thriving Code to live their most expansive life and shift their influence, impact and income into legendary legacies of distinction.

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