3 Favorite Apps for Empowered Homeschooling… Not What You’d Think

3 Favorite Apps for Empowered Homeschooling... Not What You'd Think

3 Favorite Apps for Empowered Homeschooling... Not What You'd Think

If you’ve been communing with me on my blog or any of my social media playgrounds for any amount of time now then you already know how UNCONVENTIONAL I am… that’s just how I roll in every area of my life. And homeschooling is no exception! And for the Radical Roldans it’s about LIFEschool.

However the more I learn in my journey I’ve come to realize that what I thought was so unconventional really feels more natural… the way it was intended to be. Like getting back to basics. Simplicity. The way God intended.

We’re veterans at this LIFEschool thing now. But from the get go… for me as a MOM {Mentor of Magnificence} and a teacher {and I use this term very loosely} what’s most important for my kiddos to “learn” is the value of the GIFT of LIFE itself and how they show up in this big adventurous game of life. So I like to empower them to create the benefit out of everything they engage in… no matter what it is. So they recognize the importance of “value of time” and want to invest their time into activities that uplift + empower + inspire + blossom + nurture themselves and others… to have an all around kick-ass time all the time.

I don’t ever want them to think or feel that they are doing any of this for me or daddy. It’s all about them… and how it propels their life experience!

So the other day I asked them both to share with me their 3 Favorite Apps for Homeschool and what gives them this high esteemed place in the plethora of apps they have on their iPads.

And this is what they emailed me… {I wasn’t a bit surprised… in fact if we’d been on a game show and I was asked this question about them we would’ve won! ;o)}

3 Favorite Apps for HomeschoolJAMAILI {10 years}

1. Skype ~ because I have awesome friends in different states from our travels and I get to talk and interact with my friends even if I don’t live by them.

And she’s developed and expands her social skills, relationship nurturing, learning time and different time zones, setting appointments and keeping commitments.

2. Sims Freeplay ~ because I have fun creating my own sims people and families and designing and building my cool town just how I want them.

She’s learned and expands her money comprehension, telling time, architecture, design, responsibility, relationships and everyday living through the sims people.

3. YouTube ~ because I can watch videos of all kinds like – makeup tutorials, DIY stuff, crafting, gaming techniques, and vlogs – to help me get creative inspiration.

In addition to the specific topic that she’s learning about, she’s also learned the significance of providing value to people through video, and how to shoot and upload her own videos.

3 Favorite Apps for HomeschoolJIVANI {13 years}

1. Graal Classic – I’ve been playing Graal Classic far longer than any other app and I must say, it’s my absolute favorite app. Yes Eurocenter has made other versions of Graal but classic itself has always won me over. It’s vast list of things to do make it endlessly fun, not to mention its an MMO {massively multiplayer online} game. Classic can help with sportsmanship, design, attention to detail, math, social development and much more. I’ve made many, many unbreakable bonds through this interactive game and I’d never regret the countless and I mean countless hours I’ve spent on it.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition – Minecraft as a game has always been put high on the list of impact-full games due to it’s plethora of functions that can be taken and used as skills in the real world. I’ve always enjoyed Minecraft because it can assist me in things like programming, architectural design, indoor decoration, social expansion and of course fun. Now, I’m not saying Minecraft Pocket Edition is nearly as up to date as the PC/Mac version or even the Xbox version however, I’ve still gotten hours of fun and enjoyable expansion via MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition).

3. Skype – Well, yes Skype is more helpful once you’ve met friends via Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, even still, it deserves a spot on the list. I’d be lying to say that I don’t Skype everyday. I’ve developed amazing friendships all around the world through our travels, Graal Classic, Facebook, etc., so Skype really is a staple in my day to day life to connect with my friends whether it’s just to say hello, strategize on a game, mastermind about a specific topic or have a virtual movie night.

And my MOM bonus app I want to share with you is happier… a social gratitude journal of sorts. Funny that neither one of them had it in their top 3, but they do go into it almost every morning to share 3 things or experiences they’re grateful about or just happier moments from their day. Great fun way to BE in the gratitude of life.

What I hope this helps you see is that learning + growing + expanding is so much more rewarding for everyone involved when it’s done in simple creative ways… found in the UNCONVENTIONAL.

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