3 Radical Realizations for Turning an Ordinary Relationship Into An Extraordinary Partnership

3 Radical Realizations for Extraordinary Partnership

 3 Radical Realizations for Extraordinary Partnership

Relationships are the foundation of ALL success!

And whether it’s with your partner, your kiddos, family, friends, neighbors, clients, colleagues, etc… it starts with YOU!

My hubby, Darsana, and I just hosted a talk called: Valentine 365 – How to Get What You Both Want EVERY Day of the Year

The topic was inspired because my friend and collegue Christine Arylo that I met in 2010 at her Madly in Love With Me Conference asked me to write a special blog post for her community in celebration of Self Love Day which she has designated as Feb 13th the day before Valentine’s.

And then of course this prompted conversation between Darsana and I about how Valentine’s Day… has become like the ONE day of the year when people give their full attention to recognizing and appreciating their loves…

and we believe relationships are meant to be so much more engaging + meaningful + adventurous then most people are experiencing… EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

Call us Radical but we believe they’re intended to be a Kick-Ass COLLABORATION of PARTNERS in LIFE + LOVE + FRIENDSHIP + BUSINESS!

And since the day Darsana and I met a little over 24 years ago we’ve been consistently molding and shaping our relationship into that.

Through the good, the bad and the ugly!

Through the success, the failures and even some that are deal breakers for many!

For the first time you get to hear the 3 RADICAL REALIZATIONS {we’ve both had} for Turning an Ordinary Relationship Into an Extraordinary Partnership

Press the Play Button >> 


To radical relationships,

Kalyani XO



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