3 Simple Mindshifts to More Money Flow

3 Simple Mindshifts to More Money Flow

3 Simple Mindshifts to More Money Flow

Money is SIMPLY energy… let it FLOW…

There are plenty of books, audios and other learning materials available today that give you all sorts of different perspectives and techniques on how to create more money in your life. And over the last 2o+ years I’ve read my fair share of them trying to understand why it’s such a perplexing issue for so many people.

I didn’t grow up extraordinarily wealthy by any means… my mom and grandfather {her dad} worked jobs and my dad always owned his own businesses just like my other grandfather {his dad}… but the generations of our family had a high wealth consciousness as far as I can tell looking back now.

We lived in nice comfortable homes in beautiful neighborhoods of Northern California and we always seemed to have what we needed and then some.

So as a young teen I babysat and from the moment I was of age to work I was eager to begin making money. I always had the confidence and desire to look for the highest paying jobs for my kick-ass administrative skills. And over the years that I worked in companies I continued to raise my positions and salary. Until I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

And I’ve always had friends and family wondering and asking how was I always able to be so lucky with money.

It’s not luck… it’s consciousness and flow!

I just didn’t know it at the time.

Then one day many years ago I came across this simple {funny even back then I loved keepin it simple} little 16 page booklet that helped me understand…

Money is SIMPLY energy… that all you gotta do is let it FLOW…

So if you don’t have a plentiful money flow in your life right now… take a look at where you’re damning up the flow.

Where are you stagnant in your beliefs? Where are you stuck in your life? Where are you lacking in your growing? Where are you taking more than you’re giving?

Money is God in Action… the little 16 page book that gives you the SIMPLE principles to allowing more money flow in your life.


3 Simple Mindshifts to More Money FLow

Money is God In Action by Raymond Charles Barker • ISBN: 0-87516-502-8

DeVorss & Company, Publisher • P.O. Box 550 • Marina Del Rey, CA 90294


On the first page of the book it says,

“Money is God in Action. The people who have it, want more; the people who don’t have money, want it.”

If you come to understand and grasp the universe as fluid, flexible and always in ever expanding movement… Then you will he able to grasp that your prosperity, besides being a state of consciousness, is also fluidic and always in ever expanding flow.

Your level of prosperity is in direct relation to your ability to recognize that money is an inlet and outlet of energy and activity rather than a substance in your bank account.

The amount of money in your life is a direct result of how much you believe you are worthy of having money in your life and the level of subconscious conviction that you will always live freely with enough money to live MORE than comfortably… in ABUNDANCE.

If you are asking how to make more money, because you don’t believe you have enough in your life, then you have actually damned up the flow.

All life is circulation just like your body circulates blood flow, your consciousness circulates the energy of money.

So when ever there is a stop in the flow it’s the clear sign that we need to release some outdated fears and beliefs of the mind.

Money is not bad. Money is not evil. It is a necessary component to the circulatory system of this age.

“Having money is not just about making a lot of cash, it’s about claiming your prosperity consciousness and your ability to access the money flow that already exists.”

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to continually increase the amount of money flow in your life, then you better be sure you’re continually increasing your overall consciousness + commitment to growth + contribution in the world.

So here’s 3 simple mindshifts to increase your money flow:

1. Ask… How can I increase my belief and perception of my self worth and my worthiness to live a purposeful life with abundant money flow??

2. Ask… How can I give more value in order to have more money circulating in my world??

3. Ask… How can I continue to be greater consciousness for all humanity, animals and our planet??

And then LISTEN moment by moment, day by day for the answers that are presented through everyday synchronistic signs and life experiences.

When the barometer on your bank account goes down it’s merely an indication that some growth and expansion is calling you forth. Do your inner and outer work and it will go up again.

In order to experience the continual increase of your money flow you have to feel complete conviction in your mind + body + soul that you are designed to be prosperous in life… not suffer, sacrifice and grind your way through a mediocre existence.

Your gift and responsibility in this life is to answer your soul’s calling to express your unique message and movement that can help inspire + uplift + transform people’s lives.

And you will soon claim that there’s plenty of money in the world that is available to you already to live the life of all your desires.

Money is SIMPLY energy… let it FLOW…

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Claim your prosperous flow darling, Kalyani

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