4 Simple Ways to Reignite Motivation for Homeschool

4 Simple Ways to Reignite Motivation for Homeschool

4 Simple Ways to Reignite Motivation for Homeschool

This is what dictionary.com says about Motivation… desire to do; interest or drive.

This is what I say about Motivation… The simple fact that you decided to homeschool or unschool {or LIFEschool as we call it} your kids in the first place is the only proof you need that you have plenty of motivation.

Because taking on this homeschool adventure means you have the heart of a warrior and the innovation of an inventor.

Our family has been LIFEschooling for 14 years now. Our oldest is 13, but we’ve been reading and singing to both of our kids since the moment we discovered they each were in my belly. So in addition to all the bilingual talking {English and Spanish} they heard going on everyday, they also developed their hearing for reading and music.

And yet one thing I can tell you for sure is that our kiddos have never enjoyed sitting for hours to do traditional school subject work.

Does this mean they aren’t motivated? No it means they’re kids enthusiastic about life and thrilled that they don’t have to sit in school for what seems like unending hours everyday.

And more importantly they are most likely overjoyed to be home with one of their favorite parents all day everyday! ;o)

And of course I empathized with them because I never enjoyed sitting in school either. In fact I was always very ancy in my seat.

And I must admit that I never intended to sit for hours each day teaching them the same topics as other kids learn in traditional school.

Does that make me unmotivated? No, it just makes me wise + innovative + creative about using the most effective learning methods.

So with that in mind we decided to LIFEschool, which means that we utilize every opportunity in daily life to create a learning experience for all of us… yes including me and daddy. Cuz you know you aren’t smarter than a 5th grader! So every learning moment is for us parents too. So make ‘em fun!

With that said however there is alot of outside noise and perceptions about what “education” should look like for kids. And even though we had different intentions when we began, I too found myself caught in the snare of thinking that I wasn’t motivated to create the “lessons” and that I wasn’t doing enough.

I constantly bombarded myself with the thoughts that they weren’t learning ALL that they SHOULD be learning. And I clearly remember early on pushing both of them to reach certain milestones in my timing rather than theirs… causing frustration and tears.

And time and time again when they would play with their friends I would overhear conversations between them that clearly indicated they were in fact learning a great deal more than the kids that were in school for 6-7 hours daily.

So if you’re thinking that you’re not motivated because you’re not sitting 5 days a week for several hours at a time going through the drills and motions just like they do in a traditional school… to be able to say that you’ve covered ALL this material…

CELEBRATE! It means that you’re creatively motivated + caring + conscientious with your kiddos.

And quite frankly yourself, because there’s nothing worse than keeping your kids from the pressure and frustration of traditional school only to experience it with homeschool.

So here’s 4 simply powerful things I did that worked wonders… and I’m inviting you to try them too:

1. It may be time to reevaluate and adjust your expectations of yourself and your kiddos. 

For example: If you already expect from yourself and your kids that you should be sitting 5 days a week for 3 hours a day then when you aren’t doing this you’ll begin to think and feel that you’re lacking motivation.

However if you set the expectation that your kiddos will learn one new thing everyday that actually is something of empowering value that they can already use starting the day they learn it and actually be of benefit in years to come. Now that’s a completely different barometer to measure your results!

2. Take a few minutes to connect with your deepest reasons and intentions for why you’re homeschooling in the first place. Write everything down as it comes to you… whether they are full sentences, short phrases or one word. Then look at what you have and create one sentence or a paragraph that exemplifies your intentions for your homeschool experience. 

For example ours is: Earth is our school. Life is our classroom. Because as I shared earlier our intention as a family from the beginning was to use everyday life as our way of learning… to nurture + connect + educate our kiddos from the HEART.

3. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to do what ever you want. This is your homeschool of your teaching/learning experience. Aside from the core necessities of reading, writing and math, you are free to choose what your kiddos learn about that is in alignment with the beliefs + values + vision of your family. Your intention should always be focused on what nurtures and empowers the interests of your amazing children while they explore new territory.

4. Most importantly remember to trust your inner guidance. It’s the same intelligence that prompted you to KNOW that homeschool is the abSOULute best education and environment your precious children can be in. And also keep an open mind that you are here to learn and grow as well, so know that when you’re teaching you’re also learning along with them.

Be a Student and a Teacher


And because I know from expereince that LIFE is our classroom I’m always seeking to grow and expand my consciousness and awareness. So if you want to be the best guide you can be for your kiddos on this journey, it’s very important that you continue daily nurturing your deeper inner revealing and connection with all humanity, animals and the planet… as it improves all areas of your life.

“There is no destination… only milestones… that you reach on this adventure of life. It’s an ever evolving process, so stay in the game.” – Kalyani Roldan

And remember to let learning happen naturally through the fun unconventional ways like I share about here.

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