7 Simple Actions {You Can Do Right NOW} to Increase Your Wealth

7 Simple Actions to Increase Your Wealth

7 Simple Actions to Increase Your Wealth

Yes, theseĀ 7 simple actions absolutely can help you increase your wealth.

Wealth for me has always been much more than just money. Wealth that I intentionally increase every moment of every day is my overall mental, physical, spiritual, financial, social and emotional state of being.

So give yourself permission to do these quick actions right now… and for the next 7 days {to start} šŸ˜‰

  1. Sit quietly for 7 minutes – just let your mind be free of the multitude of thoughts for this short period of time.
  2. Write down 7 things that you are grateful for right now – they can be as simple as the warm shower of running water you took this morning.
  3. Visualize for 7 minutes any joy you experience in your life now and add new experiences that you desire.
  4. Choose 7 people in your life to share a hug with or an empowered blessing.
  5. Eat VEGAN with mostly fresh fruits and vegetables – so no animals or dairy or anything with these ingredients or packaged food.
  6. Say this money affirmation twice a day

I love money.

I believe it is Godā€™s activity and it is good.

I use it with wisdom.

I release it with joy.

And I send it forth without fear.

For I know that Divine Law returns it to me increased and multiplied.

7. Laugh with your kiddos first thing in the morning

And there are so many other very simple actions you can do each day. I’ll share more of them soon.

Seriously if you want to feel an immediate increase in your wealth…

do these simple and quick actions now!

Continue to do them every day for the next 21 days and you willĀ increase your wealth exponentially.

And by all means come back and share after you’ve finished these 7 Simple Actions.

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Ignite your inner wealth, Kalyani

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