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Mi Escuelita LIFEschool Week at a Glance


LIFE at the Radical Roldans is about the spirit of being our greatest expression and living our fullest potential. And LIFEschool is abSOULutely the same…

And we’re always asked what exactly do we do each day for school. Well first of all if you’ve spent any time on my blog or with me personally or even as a client, then you know already that we don’t “sit” for school 5 days a week. We actually LIVE school every day of the week. And it wasn’t until the kiddos got a bit older and had friends in our neighborhood that we then began taking summers off.

Here’s a snapshot of what the Radical Roldans are up to this week during school time. Ideas and inspiration to ignite learning time with your kiddos. Shake it up!

If you want to know more about our perspective on empowered learning and LIFEschool… you can learn more about How We Roll.



Another good movie with Tom Shadyac’s touch. However, we all enjoyed I AM The Documentary so much more! We feel a kindrid spirit, because our story runs so parallel with Tom’s, as well as our shared enthusiasm and joy for the gift of life. Great takeaways from Happy. Some fun laughs. Key ingredient to being consistently Happy is internal resiliency to adversity and what we do with it. Booyah! Exampling this to kiddos daily. Key operating principle: my life is on loan from God and I want to give it back with interest. Booyah! Living this truth everyday!

A Bug’s Life

We love, love, love EVERY Pixar movie ever made! Not only are they over the top genius and out of this world creativity, they are ALWAYS a most excellent story for all ages, speckled with some terrific adult jokes. The fact that John’s awesome wife, Nancy, and I worked together at Apple Inc. many moons ago and they have been my mentors ever since we met, might make me a bit bias, but heh!

Jamaili’s Insights

If you don’t get sick from her unique style of motion filming, you will get a good giggle and gleem some provoking words of wisdom. And we will be reviewing video techniques next week.

Jivani’s Insights

  1. BE YOURSELF. Don’t let people tell you how you should act and what you should say and do. You are who you are. Awesome!
  2. STAND UP for what you BELIEVE. Don’t let people tell you what you should believe in. If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything!
  3. EMBRACE YOUR ORIGINALITY. Don’t change who you are no matter what other people say. Take a chance to be different. You can make a difference!

Entrepreneur vs. Employee Project 

Jivani and Jamaili have been a part of our entrepreneurial journey all of their lives. They are our inspiration and motivation. They ignited the fire oh so many years ago! They have been witness to the ebb and flow of business and first hand participants in the creative process. So it is only fitting that they are now learning in more detail the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur vs. employee. Delving deeper into how to use their creative right brain (that has been fully nurtured from the beginning) and analytical left brain (that gets its fair share of stimuli) to their advantage. Of course they both feel their creative entrepreneurial spirit alive, but they appreciate getting greater understanding of “the other side”. So they are researching, exploring and creating their own businesses and choosing what could be their ideal job. What will they decide?


Puerto Rico

Well being Puerto Rican (and Italian, European and Native American too – these will be next)… it’s good they feel connected to part of their heritage. Ongoing lesson about the family, culture, people, language, food, history, geography, etc.


Jivani loves SKATEBOARDING. He’s working on a scrapbook with tons of highlights, favorite moments, favorite people and the joy of it all.

Jamaili loves all things LALALOOPSY. She’s working on a scrapbook with all her favorite dolls and what she digs about them. Even ideas of dolls she would like them to create.

VEGAN Living

Some fun in the kitchen practicing measuring, preparing food and juicing.

Memories: Adventures and Connections of the Road

After 14 months of traversing around the nation several times, we have got quite a collection of memories. Along the journey, of course we had many incredible experiences, met tons of people and some very special friends that are still treking it. In their honor, we have started reliving the moments as we each put together our own unique memoir of the adventures and connections that we made along the way. Stay tuned for the finished SMASH books.

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To inspired life learning, Kalyani

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