Are You Afraid to Write Your Big Bold Clear Intentions That Manifest?

Write Intentions that Manifest

Write Intentions that ManifestKnowing and writing your intentions are the prerequisite to the manifestation of your dream… so it’s time to get real with what you really want to feel and experience in your life.

But are you afraid to actually CLAIM + IGNITE + THRIVE those BIG + BOLD + CLEAR intentions {that inspire + scare you} that are there in the back ground of your life… for fear that you won’t manifest them?

Watch this video about setting your powerful intentions… then get yourself the same system that I use to write all of my intentions here <–

Don’t wait for the world to catch up with your ideas!

It doesn’t matter what your story is, what your current situation is, where you came from, what you went through as s kid, or how young or old you think you are…

YOU have something the world needs right NOW!

And you abSOULutely can create the EXTRAORDINARY results in your life that you want!

The only person you need permissiom from to express your voice and live your dreams… is you!

Do what makes you feel alive!

I am sure you have heard the phrase many times – do what you love and the money will follow.

While I know this is true, because I’m expereincing it in my own life and have for years… most times there is a growth curve that needs to occur before you are simply flowing in the dough from doing what you love…

so my spin on this until you are in that flow is…

do whatever the hell it takes – whatever you need to do {ethically of course} to be able to live what you are dreaming of today.

Maybe not all of it at once, but I’m sure there are some components that you can step into today.

Cuz when you dig deep and access resources within you (like I did and do) that you didn’t realize you even had…

something magical happens!!

And look very closely at your life right now because you are probably receiving some of what you asked for already, it just looks slightly different than what you pictured.

This is exactly why clear intentions are key!

The key here is getting very clear about what you REALLY want to feel and experience.

You may be like me when I first started… I knew exactly what I DIDN’T want to feel and experience anymore…

but it took some going within to get clear about what I DID want.

And once you connect clearly with this… then write down every one of your intentions with clarity and detail.

the power of intentionsThis is one of my favorite books by Wayne Dyer.

Start activating your dreams by engaging in activities that reflect your values and demonstrate to the Universe that you are really ready…

because you may think or say you’re ready…

but are you actually prepared for what is required from you to Live Your Dreams???

Even if it means change in pretty much every area of your life??

Even if it means a new level of commitment than you’ve ever given before??

You cannot and will not be able to remain the same person you are looking at in the mirror right now.


Go ahead… set your BIG BOLD CLEAR INTENTIONS… and get into action to make them happen!

The most POWERFUL force on earth is the human SOUL on FIRE with DESIRE, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION!

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