Are You Ripe for Renewal? Give Yourself the GIFT of Finally Feeling Fulfilled {Video}

Are You Ripe for Renewal? Give Yourself the GIFT of Finally Feeling Fulfilled

Are You Ripe for Renewal? Give Yourself the GIFT of Finally Feeling Fulfilled

If the world doesn’t end this December 21st… then make 2013 the year you finally FEEL MORE FULFILLED

“When we come close to those things that break us down,
we touch those things that also break us open.
And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature.”
– Wayne Muller

For so long I used to think that I was all alone… the only woman/mom going through what seemed like an emotional and physical identity crises. Drowning in my own tears… crying weekly, and sometimes daily, at what seemed the most insignificant things and not even knowing why.

Cranky yet desperate to feel at peace, happy and fulfilled.

I absolutely love being a MOM, which I now unabashedly refer to as Mentor of Magnificence, and it is by far my first priority of life. The joy, laugher and learning. Right along side with the tears, tantrums and triumphs.

Yet I also felt this overwhelming sensation of feeling disconnected and spirit fatigued. How do I give when I feel depleted with nothing left to give? There was an urge to discover why. Was there a deeper meaning, a greater vision I’d not yet uncovered?

I believe that becoming a mother is one of the most intensely rewarding aspects of thriving with an enriched life. One that I know is not a commitment to be taken lightly or for granted.

For me, part of being the sensational mom that I truly wanted to be was showing my kids that they are my most important gift to treasure. That nothing comes before them.

But I BELIEVE that the only way to truly do that is to first feel fulfilled within.

I have always felt very strongly that there is a huge difference between telling your kids that they are the most important ingredient of your life… and actually being in full integrity with this truth. Actions speak louder than words!

And the best way that I can do that is if I truly and deeply treasure myself first. If I do not nurture and empower myself, then I cannot authentically and effortlessly be all that for them.

If I lack feeling fulfilled then being present does not come easy.

So how do I handle the push and pull of my emotions and the never ending self inflicted guilt that I may be doing it all wrong or I’m just not being enough (even when I know in my heart it’s not the truth)? Well sometimes I just don’t!

But I do know for sure that everything is orchestrated in perfect timing by Divine appointment for the greater good of all. So when these pivitol moments surface… it means that I’m ripe for renewal!

This short video gives you the answer to your question…

How Can I Feel More Fulfilled?

I believe that each and every one of us is here in our human form blessed with a unique mission of sharing an empowered message that can only be expressed through our individually unique one of a kind stamp. No one else can make your impact in the world!

Just like an orchestra requires all instruments to complete the harmonious sounds of the symphony, you are the unique instrument in the ongoing symphony of ever expanding life.

No matter who you are or where you are on your journey there is a soul destined desire within awaiting its recognition. It may only be the faintest ember barely flickering, but with some intention it can induce a new spark that catches a flame that ignites a full blown fire that can light the sky.

And it’s absolutely crucial to you being your most empowered Mentor of Magnificence that you claim your genius, ignite your passion and thrive your life while on this journey… this is the key to feeling fulfilled.

Which is exactly what I realized that I must do for myself. And I did. And I am. With my personal arsenal of self empowering tools that I tap into daily: meditation, visualization, affirmations, reading, blogging, communing with nature and animals, listening to audios, playing like a child, learning, laughing and loving.

And most importantly… to truly BE and FEEL FULFILLED… I made the decision that it was time to be REPRESENTIN’ in the full glory of GOD… to express my unique message out in the world.

I believe that there is a definitive line that is not to be crossed… the sacrificing of our being available and attentive to our precious children. I don’t think there is any benefit to the world if we continue to have children and then just keep keepin’ on with our lives. And ultimately put everything else in front of our kiddos, yet continue to tell them they are the most important. (oh yeah… and that we do it all for them!)

The greatest contribution you can impart in your life, your family’s, our communities and our world is to nurture them (by example) to their fullest and greatest potential.

And you do this by LIVING FULFILLED!

I have had both of my amazing kiddos with me from the day they were conceived. They are priceless gifts bestowed upon me. I treasure and adore them and my congruent actions speak (even) louder than my words.

Now I’m definitely not saying by any means that I’m perfect and never make mistakes, because I do and I have made some big ol’ doosies, but today like everyday I continue to work on being more impeccable and congruent with my words and actions.

And what I know for sure when I lay my head to rest on the pillow at night… that I have made the DECISION to live fulfilled and I don’t sacrifice my life with my loves for anything else! No excuses!


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