Are You Still Chasing or Upgrading the American Dream When You’re Only ONE Realization and Decision Away From the Ability to Live YOUR Dream?

Are You Still Chasing or Upgrading the American Dream When You're Only ONE Realization and Decision Away From the Ability to Live YOUR Dream?

Are You Still Chasing or Upgrading the American Dream When You're Only ONE Realization and Decision Away From the Ability to Live YOUR Dream?

And here’s how you know if you’re blocking your chance to live YOUR Dream, because you’re still caught in the lie of the American Dream…

you still arent’ feeling fulfilled and happy about the life you’ve created so far…

you’re still thinking that the next “thing” or “goal” will finally be what makes you feel complete and happy…

you know the saying “I’ll be so happy when…” you fill in the blank.

In case you didn’t know… the Radical Roldans know this moment all too well!

Been there – Done that… we’ve lived on the side of the success rode that takes you on the fast track to emptiness.

But the great news is… we made the scary decision to change it all… and live our dream…

and you can too… you abSOULutely can start today to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Contrary to what people sometimes get caught up thinking… NO ONE we’ve ever met that is living HAPPILY successful today… just dropped into it over night.

Now we’re spilling all the beans about how several years ago we traded in the American Dream for OUR DREAM.

And yes that meant letting go of pretty much everything we had worked so hard to achieve!

Watch this short version video of how we stopped chasing the American Dream… it will inspire you to believe you can live your dream

You’ll get to hear a lot more on our next Google Hangout… so make sure you’re there LIVE with us!

5-20-13 It’s Money & Meaning Monday – Team Rich & Conscious – Have Fun With Your Weekly Action Assignments

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These weekly action assignments are here as your guideline to a kick-ass productive week of creating more money and meaning in your life and so many others – so stay on track and most importantly have FUN!

#1 Plug Into Our LIVE Empower Hour Call Tonight and Every Monday @6PM PST/9PM EST.

Empower Network Empower Hour Life and Business Development Call




Here’s the call in details:

LIVE Dial in number:  (209) 255-1040 – no access code needed







Every week we max out the lines for this powerful call – that’s why it’s called the Empower Hour – and that’s why we have it on Monday – it’s the most energizing and inspiring start to your week – so be sure you have a weekly alarm set for 5:50pm PST/8:50pm EST.

1. It’s your reminder why you want to only surround yourself with empowered people!

2. It’s your reminder that you are aligned with a passionate and unified movement of people making money and making a difference in our lives, our families, our communities and our world!

3. It’s your reminder why you’re doing what you’re doing everyday!

4. It’s your reminder that YOU are so much more than you even know!

5. It’s your reminder that when you ALWAYS have a vision bigger than yourself it will carry you even when you don’t think you can carry yourself!

6. It’s your reminder that we ALWAYS believe in you even if you forget to believe in yourself!  

#2 Write + Read + {Most Importantly} VISION your Clear Outcome Statement:

This statement can reflect your weekly intentions or a specific one to be realized within 30-60-90 days – Instructions for this are in Lesson 1 of the newly Revised 15K Formula.

In our experience those that have done this simple intention setting have reached their goal and get the results they want.

Read + VISION your Clear Outcome Statement at a minimum when you awake in the morning – because it sets your empowered energy and intention in motion… and before you go to sleep at night – because it reminds your unconscious who’s in charge. And then any other times you want throughout the day.

If you don’t have the 15K Formula yet… login to your back office NOW to get it!

In fact you need to get ALL-IN if you’re serious about your success here in Empower Network or any online (or offline) business.

Make a decision right now…


…and Get ALL-IN today!!!

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#3 Get Personal With Us on our Live Google Hangouts Every Wednesday Night @6pm PST/9pm EST – detailed info and link coming soon

This is your chance to learn personally from us and other team members some of our foundational tools and greatest strategies that have allowed us to uplevel our consciousness, tap into our unique voice, stay connected to our vision and remain focused on taking actions that directly align with our intentions.

#4 Get Your Ticket(s) to our next EPIC Empower Network Event “Don’t Be a Wussy 2013″ in Denver, CO July 19-21, 2013

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and be ready to make amazing new friends, learn more than ever, have incredible breakthroughs and experience the most epic transformational weekend of your life!

#5 Watch these Badass Videos and Share in Your Social Networks

Post – Can You REALLY Use Your Voice To Create MORE Freedom, Money and Meaning in YOUR Life?

Video Post – Is Your Money Mojo Helping or Hindering the Abundance You Want?

Video Post – Is FEAR Keeping You From Having Your Purpose Filled Business and Life?

Video Post – Exactly What Happens When You Unplug From the Matrix and Create Your Life

Video Post The Women’s Lounge – Claiming+Igniting+Thriving Your Abundance Mindset

FYI – Share even if you only have 1 person on your list so far. And if you don’t have a list then create a Facebook note or a Tumblr post and blast it on your wall and to all the relevant FB groups you’re in.

We personally send 1-2 email broadcasts (of different content) each day on top of the auto-responder, in case the previous email was missed, which multiplies our sales with just a bit of additional work.

#6 Create your daily blog and/or vlog post. 

By this point in the assignments you now have been through ample material and learned plenty to blog about.

Set your intention for the purpose of your content before you get started creating – i.e. to educate, inspire, create leads, convert, etc. – most of the time it’s all of these – but is an example of my desire to simply remind you of your magnificence.

Every time you blog and/or vlog you will get better and more comfortable and you will uncover your personal style.

You will also get deeper connected with your unique message and audience and how to communicate with them – remember to just be authentically YOU.

I believe you have plenty to share, but you can always create your blog post out of what you learn from your daily reading or your daily audio. {Inner Circle is always an excellent choice!} If you don’t have it yet – do yourself a favor and Get It!

#7 Share (syndicate) your new blog post with all your peeps > email list & all your social media networks

If you use this new tool it allows you to post your Empower Network links on Facebook so be sure to bookmark this tool now.

Secret Tip: Create a Tumblr account and when you share your blog post on your Tumblr blog you can have it post to Facebook as well.

Super Secret Tip: Create an Instagram account and share a photo that relates to your blog/vlog post, put the post URL in the photo description and hit the share buttons for FB, Twitter and Tumblr – now you’ve covered 4 social networks in one share.

#8 Listen to Darsana’s LIVE FEATURED blogtalkradio show – Pan Caliente Para La Mente (Hot Bread for the Mind) – broadcast @8pm PST in English every Tuesday and Spanish every Thursday.

Here’s a Kick-Ass episode to listen to: Creating the Life of Your Dreams Really Doesn’t Have to Be Hard –

#9 Set up your social networks and add 10-20 friends weekly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. and join more networks/groups related to your hobbies, interests and knowledge

These are all great places to share your related blog posts and value content, but first and foremost you should be interacting with people and conversations already going on and/or starting conversations to build relationships.

Interacting and providing value is a great way to generate more leads from people outside the marketing niche that are interested in earning extra money.

Never just spam your blog posts on the page.

#10 Post at least 2 Status Updates each day in addition to your blog post

Status Updates (in any of your social media networks) are value content such as photos, videos, quotes and discussion topics that get people thinking, engaged and inspired into action.

People share lots of different stuff in social networks, the Radical Roldans are personal development junkies and love to bring more life to the world, so we only engage in empowered content and conversations… we recommend the same for you!

#11 Please Share & Comment on this post below or another of our posts and get in the action on our Facebook Page

And feel free to share your new blog/vlog post in the comment section below…

…& we will be glad to Comment back in return.

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Commenting is Courageous: Go ahead… leave your footprint in the sand…  your insights and experiences are guaranteed to help guide someone else on their path. So join in the comment conversation below.

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Ready… Set… Go… take action on your weekly action assignments!

You got this!

We love you and appreciate you!

Kalyani & Darsana

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We are REAL Families Living EXTRAORDINARY Lives
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