Are Your Kids REALLY Receiving the Best Education Available?

Give your kids the best education

Give your kids the best educationOf course as parents we all want our precious children to get the BEST education… but are yours in a learning environment that REALLY nurtures their potential and gives them the most valuable education available???

And what does the best education really mean to you?

Does it mean the best out of the {mediocre conditioning} failing model that’s currently available?

Does it mean the best school that you have access to based on the life you’re living or where you work that determines where you live?

I’m not even going to begin sharing any of the statistics and facts that are circulating out there in the world that tells us how depressed, angry, insecure, uneducated, addicted {to mostly prescribed pills}, suicidal, etc. the kids of today are, because I don’t subscribe to adding to the mass consciousness that already focuses on those negative aspects…

however at the same time I don’t live with my head in the sand either, so I can clearly see that what is happening today with the masses of our society and humanity as a whole…

– is not encouraging or uplifting –

and simple logic dictates that this begins with IF and HOW we nurture the precious beings we know as children that we are responsible for and accountable to.

And realizing that giving them the best education is about keeping it REAL and SIMPLE.

Watch this fun video that my kiddos felt compelled to shoot a few days ago telling you the TRUTH about how to create and nurture inspired learning to get the best education

But this is not for the purpose of blaming schools for our childrens issues and epidemics that we are facing at astronomical magnitudes today…

what I’m bringing to your awareness is the scenario that no matter how good of a parent you may believe you are and strive to be (and I’m quite certain you are)… if your child/children are currently attending traditional school – their day is typically expended in…

  • roughly 7 hours at school – regardless of whether the school is deemed good or bad – learning mostly math, science, social studies, english, history, etc.
  • roughly 2 hours getting ready and traveling to and from school
  • an average of 2 hours doing homework related directly to those same topics
  • an average of 2 hours participating in/traveling to and from a sport or extra curricular activity
  • the rest of their evening eating dinner and preparing themselves for the next day and then off to bed

And this makes up 5 out of 7 days of their week! 

So where in this kind of schedule of life and model of learning is there time to learn + understand + develop + nurture the MOST IMPORTANT kinds of necessary LIFE principles???

Things like…

expanding creative inspiration

individual self expression

recognizing our unique perspective to share

values, voice, integrity, purpose, passion, prosperity

what it means to have a vision

importance of living intentional and purposeful

the value of writing intentions of direction

action plans that reflect our intentions

inspired responsibility

family team work

family connection

giving and receiving

empathy and compassion for others

understanding of personal growth

nurturing self esteem

empowering and meaningful family conversation

conviction and commitment to stand up for what you believe

love and appreciation for the value of every individual expression of humanity, animals and nature

blogging to give a new perspective that can inspire others

family entrepreneurship

the energy of money

and I could go on and on and on here…

but as you can see these are the real life concepts that I believe reflect the best education for my kiddos and every kid…

but you have to believe in the intrinsic value of all of these as well or you will not see the true value and abSOULute necessity in LIFEschool/HOMEschool/UNschool

for the growing and nurturing of kids that are inherenlty…


Creative homeschooling

We as human beings are ALWAYS learning from the moment of conception…

the same way we don’t TEACH our kiddos how to walk, talk and eat… they intrinsicly grasp it at the Divine time they individually are meant to…

it was never intended to sit them in a classroom {from the time they are 4} for 6-7 hours cramming their heads with facts, figures, numbers and history that most ALL of it will prove to never be needed…

and from the way things look right now this shows that so-called {the best education} only serves to diminish their self esteem, from all the comparison and competition.

Don’t buy into this incredibly ineffective model for the precious kiddos that God entrusted to YOU to guide them on their awesome life adventure…


and GIVE them the best education they deserve {that you didn’t get}… YOU – believing in them + nurturing them + inspiring them… to believe in themselves and know they are capable of being, doing, having and giving all that they intend in this life!!!

Can you tell how passionate I am about this?!?!

You can get more valuable LIFEschool/HOMEschool/UNschool tips here

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