My ONE Simple Secret to Be More Productive Doing Less

My One Simple Secret to Be More Productive Doing Less1

It’s so sweetly simple… I SING + DANCE!

Yep! Because for me being powerfully productive is not about doing more – trying to manipulate time and master schedules to squeeze more out of myself and more into the day – it’s about feeling the freedom of remembering the truth about myself and being intentional with all that I do.

It’s so nurturing and inspiring to my soul. It instantly elevates my mood which powers up my creative flow. Brings my right back into center + refocused. Because lack of focus is the biggest culprit to not feeling and being productive.

So I turn on some really great music that makes me want to move!

Music and body movement tap into the right side of our brain. As you may already know the right side of our brain drives our creativity + connection + intuition + visualization + emotional well being. While the left side of our brain drives our critical thinking, order, language, statistical strategies and physical body mechanics.

And our brain of course is a very important muscle in our body and like any other muscle THRIVES when it’s given a good workout that expands it’s ability and makes it stronger and healthier.

So for me if I’m feeling a bit sluggish or my unconscious thoughts may be hanging around too long in what I call “stinkin thinkin” or my creative juices are feeling stiffled and stagnant or I’m reeling into overwhelm mode… basically I’ve gone out of focus with my purpose, my passion and my mission…

That’s when I know it’s time to SING and DANCE! It’s critical to my CELLULAR FLOW and GLOW!

What’s critical to YOUR FLOW and GLOW? 

You may already have that something that helps reconnect you back into your flow. We all go a bit off course sometimes even though we’re dedicated to our daily devotional practice. So just be aware and loving with yourself {and your most precious loves} when you may still need that extra injection of spirit infused inspiration.

And if you don’t have a simple plug me back in tool, then give this one a try. And if you find yourself feeling out of your zone – needing to reconnect more often each day – then it may be a really good idea for you to schedule your personal + private Inner Wealth Intensive with me.

And I’m abSOULutely grateful as a woman + LIFEschool MOM + entrepreneur that I’ve designed my lifestyle of freedom to be able to get up at a moments inspiration to sing and dance with the loves of my life. You’re gonna want to get up and dance after you see this video of me and Jamaili dancing to Hairspray!

I guarantee you that my inner wealth energy + vibration was skyrocketing after this good jive!

How amazing do you feel just watching me and Jamaili boogie?!

That’s what I’m talking about… now we’re feeling the flow to naturally be more productive!

And when I’m in my studio creating – whether it’s business or pleasure – I always have the music blasting. Side note: I was blessed to grow up listening to the greatest Rock n’ Roll ever {now referred to as classic rock}.

Back to the studio. The classic rock is jammin!

And it’s seeping into every pore of my body.

Reaching into my cells.

My body is dancing.

I am singing every word as loud as possible.

Stimulating the neurons in my right brain + activating the juices that send a rush of Divine creativity.

I’m flowin and I’m glowin!

Music and dance makes people feel alive…

And the world needs more people that have come alive!

You will feel and be more inspired + more enthusiastic + totally more productive!

Now I’ve let you in on the one simple secret of mine to {help you} be more productive that works every time.

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Give it a try, Kalyani

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