Be Who You’re Designed to Be

Kalyani Roldan's Unconventional TRUTH & SOULkandy to Live an Extraordinary Life


Kalyani Roldan's Unconventional TRUTH & SOULkandy to Live an Extraordinary Life

Lessons From One POWERFUL WOMAN to Another

I firmly believe that everything we experience is Divinely appointed by God through our conscious or unconscious beliefs, requests and actions, as we are seeking to grow and expand in life on the journey to our soul.

To fully flourish into our grandest expression that glorifies God, experience happiness for no reason, and be able love and serve all of life at our highest potential, in our short lifetime as humans, it is important to heal and release that which holds us prisoner in our own mind, emotions and life.

I truly believe that getting caught in the victim mindset does not in any way serve us or assist us to move forward with what we say we really want in life… in my experience it only holds us back.

Something that I have surely learned in my path is that sometimes we convince ourselves that we have reasons for things when actually they are excuses that don’t serve our higher good they only feed into our hidden issues further keeping us in self inflicted bondage.

We are never promised that we will have a certain amount of time in our human life, so I feel strongly that we should experience each and every moment to it’s fullest.

Even as an EMPOWERED WOMAN + MOM + ENTREPRENEUR, throughout our journey we definitely find ourselves in situations that present us with defining moments in life Divinely appointed for true release, healing and ultimately powerful expansion… if you truly embrace the gift in every moment.

One of my teachers, Michael Beckwith, once told me – A bad day for the ego is a great day for the soul. Say it again… and again. Breathe. Release.

We all make our own decisions in life, so regardless of what we believe our reasons are for making our decisions the truth still remains that we make the decisions. Therefore good or bad we have to embrace what those choices hold for us.

What’s important is that we grow, release and find new ways to love ourselves and no longer allow any more excuses or ignoring of the self sabotaging behaviors.

If you want to experience true freedom + fulfillment + financial wealth in life, you have to BE different from the inside FIRST… with more conscious, connected beliefs + thoughts + emotions.

I have grown to understand and fully embrace that we choose our experiences {whether consciously or unconsciously} for our greatest, sometimes most challenging and certainly most magnificent growth and blossoming on our path in this life.

We all are unique expressions in this incredible journey of life that we have all been blessed with. So it is time that you stop sacrificing your truth and happiness of your mind, body and spirit!

It’s been scientifically proven that you are either breathing life into your cells or you are injecting death into them through your emotional and physical thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We only get one opportunity in this human life form that we will experience and remember, and everyday that you sacrifice these joys of life is another day that you are NOT being the Mentor of Magnificence that you are designed to be.

I truly and deeply believe that when we take the first step to releasing and healing and make a commitment to love ourself enough to experience our greatest joys and desires of life then we are able to love all of life as God intended and live life to its fullest without regret.

And when our day arrives to greet our maker and agree to another life form, we are able to leave with a smile on our face, joy in our heart and peace in our soul for the blessing of living a glorious life in God’s image.

With all my love from one VERY POWERFUL woman to another.

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Be who you’re designed to be darling, Kalyani

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