Be Your Own SuperShero

Be Your Own SuperShero

Kalyani Roldan in her SuperShero Red Boots

Yep! That’s me at age 6.

My absolute all time favorite photo ever!

How fabulously funky do I look in that outfit?!

I LOVED those red boots with passion!

And every time I wore those red boots (according to my mom, was very often while they lasted) I felt so empowered, that I could do anything and take on the world.

Which was out of character for me, because I lived my young years believing that I was shy. Debilitatingly SHY! Never raise my hand in class SHY! Try to make myself invisible SHY! Hold me back from so many opportunities SHY!

It has been quite a journey {which I still travel everyday} unbelieving this about myself while I’m learning to live life more fully everyday.

With or without my red boots…

What I KNOW to be TRUE is this…

I am a Divine expression of God… being a sexy wife, loving mother, inspired life school teacher to my precious kiddos, successful entrepreneur and passionate artist.

But I definitely don’t FEEL this everyday!

And I still have to work everyday at actually believing this!

But I wake up everyday now knowing that I have within me everything that I ever need to make the most amazing positive impact in my life, my family’s and all humanity, animals and the planet.

And I’m absolutely committed to empowering millions of MOMpreneurs around the world – regardless of your past, current circumstances, or anything else that you may be allowing to hold you back – to be your most brilliant self and the Mentor of Magnificence to your family that you are meant to be.

I think about my red boots often… and I may even get myself some new PINK boots!

So if you need to put on a shiny belt and red boots like Wonder Woman, a red cape like Supergirl or a mysterious mask like Catwoman… THEN DO IT!

Don whatever outfit is necessary {what the hell… change your name even – like I did – but that’s another story} to transform you out of the old pattern and do what it takes to give you the confidence to step into your Divine gift, because what you have to share is valuable and it will absolutely inspire, empower and move other people!

Excuse me while I grab my {metaphorical} RED BOOTS!


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