Be in the Power of Now While Creating Your Future

Be In the Power of Now While Creating Your Future

 Be In the Power of Now While Creating Your Future

The BEST way I know to more quickly step into the vision you see for your future is to be in the power of NOW.

I’m going to keep this post very short today, because my video says all that needs to be said…

about the power of NOW to transform your life right before your very eyes!!

Don’t waste any more of your precious and valuable life trapped or hindered by thoughts of the past or uncertainty of the future…

your life is happening right here in this present moment… in the power of NOW!!

The greatest fulfillment can be found in giving of ourselves so that others may benefit.

While money, exposure, connections or other factors can help us do more of what we love, we’ll feel truly successful when our primary objective is to give. – Simon Sinek

The book I referenced is A Thousand Names for Joy – Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are by Byron Katie.

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In the now darling, Kalyani

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