Believe You Are Made To Be Magnificent

You Are Magnificent


You are an expression of the Divine… and this may stretch your beliefs… but YOU AGREED to be magnificent when you signed up to be here.

Joel Osteen Daily Readings From Your Best Life Now 90 Devotions for Living at Your Full PotentialI’m re-reading one of Joel Osteen’s many great books – Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now – 90 Devotions for Living at Your Full Potential.

I really love Joel’s approach to teaching. Many people may see him as a Christian {Religious} teacher or preaching the Christian Religion {and maybe he is, honestly I’ve never met him to ask him} but I thoroughly enjoy his sweet, honest style of delivering very powerful and uplifting spiritual messages. And they always seem to resonate with exactly where I’m at and just what I needed to hear.

So Joel says, “Live with the attitude, I’m not going to settle for a little love and joy, a bit of peace and contentment, or for a small helping of happiness. No, I’m going to reach my full potential in God.


So it doesn’t matter what awful or tragic circumstances you grew up with, what mediocrity you were settling for yesterday, or what stinkin thinkin mindset and beliefs you have been operating from up to this moment…

right now is your moment to step into your greatness + right now you’ve been given another moment of blissful breath, because you are made to be magnificent.

And I believe that we all have desires, dreams and intentions for living {at least} a good life.

I get it! Whenever we think about achieving goals like changing an old habit or losing some weight… working towards that goal can seem a bit scary, daunting or even over whelming, but it‘s only because the thoughts and actions you take need to be different than what you’ve been doing, so it requires you to actually put some dedicated mind space to the process.

But the truth is… everyday you are believing and doing the same ole’, same ole’ – you are thinking, speaking and taking actions on autopilot because they have become so familiar, so you don’t have to put intention into your day.

However this is not really easier, because the amount of energy that’s expended to fight or try to ignore the mind chatter that tells you this is still the same old routine that has you in rut is in my opinion much more than just doing what you know you need to do {and deep inside really want to}.

I have done this so many times with my health and fitness over this past year. Because the year before I allowed myself to believe that my life circumstances were a good enough excuse as to why I had accumulated 25 pounds {of toxic emotions and weight}.

I’m sure you can relate… so this past year there have been more than several occasions that I got all energized and motivated to finally let go of those no longer needed pounds.

So I was more dedicated to exercising and eating healthier and I would let go of 5-7 pounds and more recently even let go of 15 pounds. Then as soon as I see some results I start to ease up on the commitment and actions that are required.

I become ok with the progress instead of continuing full force ahead until I reach my intended goal. That’s settling!

And what I realized is this… as a MOM {Mentor of Magnificence} it doesn’t matter how insignificant that I may think something is – I am being an example for my kiddos and…

I don’t know about you, but settling or sacrificing is just not going to ever cut it in my life, my kiddos or our world.

I personally believe it’s pretty freakin MIRACULOUS that we’re each on this planet in a human body to be the one-of-a-kind expression we came here to be.

God designed you to reach your full potential!

Your life is a loan from God, don’t you want to pay it back with interest?

Don’t you want to say THANK YOU… everyday… for the GIFT of being ALIVE to express, to feel, to experience, to love, to give, to share?

I know I do!

And I know that everyday I wake up with the INTENTION to take action that reflects my gratitude and appreciation.

And then I actually TAKE ACTION!

Doesn’t mean that it always just happens real easily.

Dare to step out of your {uncomfortable} comfort zone today, right NOW!

Expand your horizons of thought + belief and know that there is so much more for you!

Be able to look yourself and your kiddos and your family in the eyes and know that you are doing everything that God has intended for you while you’re ALIVE on this planet.


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Honoring your magnificence darling, Kalyani

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