Two Thumbs Up to Shutterfly for the Best Homeschool Yearbooks

Best Homeschool Yearbooks

Best Homeschool Yearbooks

Another fabulous LIFEschool year for the Radical Roldans… summer is upon us… we’re thrilled about our next adventure living in Puerto Rico… and a quick shout out to Shutterfly for helping me make the best school yearbook of treasured memories for Ventura Charter Homeschool.

It’s officially the end of another very enlightening LIFEschool year for all of us…

Jivani and Jamaili had a great time attending a HOMEschool charter program twice a week this year in addition to our family LIFEschool adventures at home. And now the Radical Roldans are getting ready for our next expedition… a year of Spanish, Caribbean nature and cultural immersion in Puerto Rico.

Ya’ll know me by now… I’m the creative queen and SCRAPkandy mama of the Radical Roldans family!

In gratitude for all the new friendships we made and appreciation of the dedication of our wonderful teachers… I created a totally awesome yearbook of magical memories for all the kiddos, parents and teachers of Ventura Charter School Arts & Global Education Homeschool Program.

I designed the yearbook with the Shutterfly easy to navigate platform online that allows you to create from scratch and even offers templates that you can start with and then modify.

We had a budget of $13 per book, and when you use their bulk preorder setup the savings are significant. Initially I really wanted the hardcover book, but to stay within budget I chose the landscape 8 x 11 softcover book which includes 20 pages – yet any additional pages can be added at extra cost per page.

The vibrant colors and glossy finished quality are even more beautiful than I expected!

Thanks Shutterfly for your simple, fast and easy system… attentive and knowledgeable service… lightening quick process and delivery… and just an overall incredibly delightful experience.

So any families from Ventura Charter School Arts & Global Education Homeschool Program that didn’t get in on the first round of ordering… the great news is that you can still order any amount of books you want by pressing this link.

You can also view the book below or Click here to view this photo book larger.

It will prompt you to sign into/sign up for your own personal Shutterfly account… where you’ll be able to view the book and place your order.

Note: The preorder price is no longer available, so the price per book is now $22 plus tax and s&h.


Click here to view this photo book larger

Have a fantastic summer! Peace out. Namaste.

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Have a super summer, Kalyani

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