Breathe Life Into Your Dreams

Right this glorious moment.

Or are you going to keep doubting… believing that dreams are those things that you wish about all your life because they aren’t really meant to happen?

The reason you have dreams is because God gave you the ability to be an explorer of the world and creatively express your unique magnificence.

And when a dream is inspired in you it’s because there is already a path that you can take to step into that vision and manifest that dream as your reality.

But here’s the thing about it… You actually have to be bold enough to make a decision to believe…

that your dream arrived in your thoughts because you are meant to take action on it now…

And actually shift your perception…

To see yourself actually living your dreams now.

I’m sharing this very quick message with you to inspire you to… Breathe Life Into Your Dreams

Don’t get caught in the… HOW can I? HOW is it possible? HOW will they unfold?

Just know that when you make a decision to believe that YOUR dreams are inspirations to be acted on…

Then the energy of your life shifts instantly.

Then you have to open your receptors. {Picture it like a satellite dish receiving the signal.}

Be open to the synchronicites that appear before you and the doors that open. And they definitely do!

But if you don’t allow yourself to see something new or different than you’ve ever seen before, that may not even look like what you may have visualized… they will go right by you, the doors will close and you will begin to tell yourself that dreams aren’t real.

They absolutely are!

Your dreams absolutely are real and like your finger print nobody else has your exact dreams.

They are your unique gift and expression to be shared with the world.

And our dreams usually include money in our life. This is perfectly ok… we can certainly do great things without much (or any) money and we can do even greater things with money.

And it’s perfectly ok for you to want to have money to live an amazing life for you and your family…

And at the same time I believe that your dreams happen faster and of course have greater meaning and impact when they encompass others outside your own life.

So today is your day… Breathe life into your dreams!

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You’ve got this darling, Kalyani

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