Do You and Your Kids PLUG IN Daily?

the Radical Roldans Masterful Way to PLUG IN to Life

To the source of all life…

It’s so important to start each day off connecting in with the TRUTH of who you are.

In our family we call it the Masterful Way to Start the Day…

also known as… PLUG IN. Which means that we all start our day strengthening our inner foundation with our spiritual practice to connect our mind and spirit into the Divine circuitry of life.

Well first of all you need to be the example, right? Then you’ve got to give them the foundational tools that remind them how uniquely magnificent they are… empowering them to KNOW the truth of who they are from within.

The SIMPLE sweet practice that we choose to PLUG IN with each morning is:

Meditation -15-30 minutes

Visualization – 5-10 minutes

Affirmations – 5-10 minutes

Empowering Reading/Audio/Video – 30 minutes

Inspired Writing – 15-30 minutes

After PLUG IN time then our kiddos choose one of their morning adventures – which are right brain activities like dancing, singing, exploration, silence, etc. that they do for 20-30 minutes. They each have 5 that they came up with that can be changed as they grow in their journey.

As they select one each day the tag moves over to the other pocket, so each activity is done one time per week. And each week they are accountable to create a new version of each activity – for example a new dance, new song, different type of exploration, etc.

Just keep it SIMPLE and SWEET!



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Plug in for life, Kalyani

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