Don’t Quit On Yourself!

Don’t Quit On Yourself! Just Have a Good Cry!
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It’s not an option… Don’t Quit on Yourself!

Seriously… have a really good blubbering cry! BREATHE

I feel ya! I get it! I understand. I have compassion.

You believe you are doing all the right things and you’ve been working so hard to make it happen, but nothing seems to be manifesting.

You’re losing steam. You want to give up and throw in the towel. Right now it might even feel like it’s your darkest hour. You’re out of money and you don’t know what else to do.

I totally know the feeling. I’ve had those moments before myself. Everyone’s situation is different, so I’m not going to tell you that I’ve been where you’ve are. But I certainly have experienced my own good doosies!

So you’ve got to trust me when I say…

don’t quit on yourself… don’t you dare… before you have the chance to realize your dreams. They are very real and very achievable.

You just don’t know when you are going to reach the Tipping Point for you… in your life… in your business… and the manifestation of your vision is your reality.

Let me share a brief story in my life.

In the summer of 2004 Darsana and I had just moved our family into our new home in the rolling hills of Clermont, Florida.

I know you’re thinking two things right now…

where is Clermont, Florida?

and does Florida really have rolling hills?

Well Clermont is just west of Orlando (so yes we’ve had our fair share of playing at Disney World) and actually known for it’s beautiful rolling hills and abundant chain of lakes.

We had moved from Silicon Valley in Northern California, because we wanted to live in the warmer, more tropical climate and raise our precious babies in a more connected community. I spent the first 32 years of life in Northern California, but always felt like a tropical gal in my soul, so I longed to experience living near the warm beaches.

Darsana, being from Puerto Rico, well that says it all.

So here we are super excited to be in our first new home which we watched being built and had input into what design features would be in it. Over the course of 3 months we drove back and forth weekly – a six hour round trip drive from West Palm Beach (where we were staying) to Clermont to enjoy and document the progress.

We’re getting settled in our big beautiful home, getting to know our awesome neighbors, {which turned out to be get a cup of sugar when you need it kind of friends} and even having a custom pool and lanai built.

Before we left California we sold the Domestic Violence and Parenting educational agency business we’d built together. And we knew that we were going to venture into something new in Florida. Because that’s what the adventurous Radical Roldans do!

Turns out all the signs led us to real estate foreclosures. So as we’re getting settled, we’re also diligently working at creating and building a brand new business of which we had no prior experience in at all.

Again, that’s how the Radical Roldans roll!

We invested plenty of money into courses and materials and studyied everything we could about the business all while we were working it. Darsana would be gone all day meeting with people, building relationships and knocking on doors of potential clients. Many days we literally packed up the whole family {including our dog} and spent the entire day out passing out post cards and knocking on doors.

All the while we held the vision of being successful with our business and enjoying our new life in Florida.

This pounding the pavement went on for months and we still did not have a client to serve. The money reserve was running out… and of course we needed to pay our brand new house mortgage.

But we kept at it {in FAITH} knowing that this is how we were guided to serve at this time in our life.

And then the EXPECTED happened!

We had our first client to help + our first house to fix up + our first profit of $65,000!

We also connected with a private builder to exclusively market and sell every home his team built.

We had no idea when that Tipping Point was going to happen, but we truly BELIEVED in our vision and we continued everyday with congruent actions {both mentally and physically} until it happened.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve wished, hoped or tried to do things (and so called failed)…

failure is a state of mind. It’s better to fail at doing something than to fail because you didn’t take any action on your dreams at all.

Even if you feel like you’ve been knocked off course… have a REALLY good cry… and then remember the Universe/God/Cosmic Intelligence has got your back!

And keep trekkin on!

If what you vision has not shown in your reality yet… you simply aren’t ready for it yet… keep making the inner and outer progress.


So first you must BELIEVE {know without a doubt} that you’re here for this, then you must SEE your vision more as your reality {but still flexible in the unfolding and revealing}, and when you’ve let go of the focus of not living it… you’ll realize you seamlessly LIVE it.

Don’t quit on yourself!

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You’ve got this darling, Kalyani

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