Empowered by Truth

Empowered by Truth

Now more than ever people are seeking to be empowered through online information and services…

and as a sister MOMpreneur {Mentor of Magnificence} I’m sure that you want the best for you and your family just like I do and I want to see more and more MOMs and their families living their happiest + healthiest + purposeful + passionate + prosperous lives possible… and this requires knowing the truth and having access to what really can help us do this.

So this video inspired a few thoughts within on this glorious SUNday afternoon – and it’s not just about corporate vs. sustainable agriculture…

It’s why I personally choose to do my learning and growing from the world wide web of coolness through people like you and I that have the best interest of ALL at heart and through other entrepreneurial mentors {like myself} that provide valuable + truthful services that inspire + empower people to be powerful forces for good in our world.

And abSOULutely why I feel called to empower other MOMpreneurs, just like you and their families to CLAIM + IGNITE + THRIVE their SIMPLY extraordinary lives… cuz as the more of us unite the more exponential impact we have in truly changing lives and shifting the consciousness of humanity.

Do you want to hear stories that are full of holes or do you want to learn the truth and discern for yourself?

Unfortunately the big television networks are paid for by the very same corporations that are intending to hypnotize as many people as possible to keep the masses comatose, so you cannot think critically for yourself. And they are feeding fear, lack and lies everyday.

I personally believe and feel that our world is an amazing place and that for the most part all people want to live happy, healthy and prosperous as God/Universe intended.

However if you get caught in the web of fear {which is one of the many tactics of mainstream programming} that there isn’t enough for everyone to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life – that is when we have {people running} corporations that will do whatever it takes to continue to convince you of their erroneous ideas in order to get more people believing in their lack and fear mentality as well, so they can continue to make more money at the expense of humanity, animals and our precious planetary resources.

Their stories will always be full of holes!

To BE EMPOWERED you’ve got to seek your own online learning and discerning!

Because like I said at the beginning of this post, this short video is not just about corporate vs. sustainable agriculture…

it’s more about integrity, love, compassion, and empowered choices and action to make a difference in your life, your family’s life, your community and your global family.

If you really want to live an extraordinary life, you have to think critically for yourself, educate yourself with the truth and feed your mind with viable {and more reliable} content that is found out there in our awesome online world.

There are so many people in our big beautiful world engaged in powerful, positive actions that help people empower their lives and uplifts the energy of all humanity, animals and our precious planet, but you will only find the stories of these people, entrepreneurs, corporations, companies and organizations, etc. on the internet {not on mainstream television}.

More empowered people making money means more conscious entrepreneurs mobilizing a massive movement of good in our world – which in my book is super sweet – because when you have more money in your life, I’m confident {like me} you’ll feel more inspired and use your ability to contribute a greater impact for all humanity, animals and our precious planet.

Just some quick inspired thoughts for ya!

My intention is to stir up your thoughts about your life… about where and how you can use your God given ability of critical, compassionate thinking to inspire yourself to more greatness everyday.

Thanks for listening!
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