Feel the Fear. Take Action Anyway. And How I Almost Fainted On Stage.


Feel the Fear and Take Action Anyway

So is there an easy way to Feel the Fear and Take Action Anyway?

I am sure that you’ve heard this before… and there is NO easy way…

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

That may sound a bit cliche, but the truth is that fears are thoughts that we have fabricated in our head about something we believe we will experience that will scare us in some way or another.

I can’t do that. I’m not good enough. I don’t have what it takes. I’m too shy. I don’t know how. What will people think? Blah, Blah, Blah!

As soon as we begin the thoughts of this unpleasant + unknown experience then our emotions kick in and then the body begins to react with sensations that match with those thoughts and emotions – like rapid heart beat, sweating, nervous stomach, shaking, etc.

The interesting part is this… in most cases the thing we fear is something we’ve never done before… which makes it unknown… which is really what we fear – the unknown.

There is an epidemic in our world today of people NOT BELIEVING they can live their dreams, because they have agreed to allow the FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – to hold them back.

And then other people’s misconceptions often feed those fears even more and we subscribe to what other people think about us.

That’s why you just have to push through – feel the fear and take action anyway!

When I was a young girl often times I was told directly or indirectly that I was shy, so I began to believe that about myself.

It quite possibly could have been because I was raised in the belief that children should be seen and not heard. Maybe I was just behaving and that got translated to shy.

Anyway I built up so much FEAR in my mind about being shy that I experienced physical and emotional anxiety over it.

When I was in school I would not raise my hand to ask questions, volunteer answers {even if I knew them} or participate in discussions, because I feared looking silly, saying the wrong thing or what others might think.

If I had an oral assignment I would stay home sick the day I was to present it… and quite honestly I literally felt sick with just the thought of having to speak in front of my classmates.

As I grew up I continued to believe the lie that I was shy. Even when other people would tell me that they didn’t see me as shy. And even though I have been outwardly successful in my life and business…

I have felt at times painfully shy and insecure inside.

And it absolutely has held me back from feeling free and fulfilled, because there are things that I knew I wanted to do, but I did not take action along the way.

And when you don’t take the actions that stretch you out of the {uncomfortable} comfort zone… you definitely cannot CLAIM + IGNITE + THRIVE your life or business.

It took me 41 years to feel the fear and take action anyway to break free of the lie I believed.

A little over 2 years ago I paid $40,000 to hire a coach. Part of the package was to speak at a seminar with my awesome hubby, Darsana, who by the way had been teaching and speaking for many years. I did my best to FEEL excited about the whole deal, but inside I was shittin’ my pants!

However I was committed, because I had reached a turning point in my life… and I knew that if I was ever going to feel fully alive I was going to have to break through this FEAR barrier once and for all.

So the day arrived and I was even more nervous as hell… I was seeking any possible reason at this point to not get up on that stage.

I was sweating. I was shaking. My stomach was churning. I actually thought I I was going to faint!

But I did speak and dance ON STAGE with Darsana for 45 minutes! And I didn’t faint!

That certainly would’ve been embarrassing! 😉

This was my very FIRST TIME EVER being on any stage {except for when I accepted Darsana’s proposal at our church in front of the entire congregation on family and friends day – but that’s another story for later}.. and it certainly wasn’t Oscar worthy, but I did it.

You can see a few highlights in the video below.

But I’m so incredibly proud of myself for shouting YES – I’ll feel the FEAR and take action anyway!

It has ignited my self confidence and propelled me to more fulfilling levels of success in every area of my life and business!

Because my reasons for living my dreams are now far stronger than any FEAR stopping me! I will always be committed to improving my personal best and striving for greater meaning in my life.

The most fulfilled people in life never quit, give up or settle.

We all have unique gifts and talents to share with the world – our only responsibility is to cultivate the discovery and flourishing of them.

Play big. Have fun. Inspire someone. Leave something greater than it was. Leave a legacy of love.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, courage is instead the ability to feel the fear and take action anyway!

Courage is something you learn and relearn your whole life, it is not just in you it’s in every choice you make each and every day!

“The biggest leaps made in nature are accomplished by a species willing to try something new. Many must take that fearful leap in order to fly, swim or do whatever nature intended them to do. Whatever you fear, see it as a sign of the road that you might explore. Only by overcoming your fear can you learn to fly.” – Inspired Nature iPhone App

As an extraordinary MOMpreneur Life & Biz Coach I’m delighted to help you access your inner power to move through any fears so you can take your life and business to the next purposeful + passionate + prosperous level. Let’s Create Together!


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