Fierce Not Fearless

Living fully is not about being fearless, but fiercely showing up to your greatest life vision no matter what you face.  -Kalyani

I find it really out of integrity when I hear other coaches telling you that they’ll teach you how to be FEARLESS so you can achieve all you desire.

I’ve been achieving nearly every intention I set since I was 16, starting with taking the exam to graduate high school a year early as a Junior. I’ve been living a pretty extraordinary life, yet I’ve faced plenty of challenges to overcome, realizing that sometimes they are integral to illuminate clarity of the vision that really honors the depth and fullness of our life well lived [not just achieving what we think we’re supposed to].

However not at any time so far have I ever felt fearless, but I have been FIERCELY committed to being and doing what it takes. Every decision has required me to expand my perception, believe in mySelf guidance, trust the journey and go forth fiercely even though I felt fearful.

So even if you’ve walked across hot coals or jumped out of a plane and you’re still not having a love affair with fear, it’s ok, because doing meaningful shit in your life often is going to bring up all sorts of discomfort and uncertainty.

I may be way off the mark but I don’t think fearless is a real thing. And I don’t see the need to try to pretend to be fearless, if you have a fierce intention and commitment not to ever let fear keep you sequestered and small or from living totally engaged.

I still fear my babies having to go through painful challenges as part of knowing themselves more.

I still fear missing my kiddos crazy when they move out and I don’t get to see them everyday, but I want them to explore the world.

I still fear loving whole heartedly that I won’t be able to handle being hurt, even though I have many times.

I still fear not being enough as a woman, wife, mother, friend, mentor, coach.

I still fear that I can’t eat whatever the hell I want, including yummy vegan donuts and salted caramel chai everyday and have a super sculpted body.

I still fear losing financial success and stability even though I no longer base any of my self worth on my level of money and material wealth.

I still fear I’m not being and doing enough everyday to make an important impact that leaves a rich and meaningful legacy.

I still fear dying because I don’t want to miss out on life.

So even though life seems pretty supernatural sometimes, unlike the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, you won’t find me making any deals with the devil to be fearless.

Instead I know that I’ve activated the forces within me to keep showing up FIERCELY committed everyday to boldly and courageously look any fears in the eyes, even when my knees are shaking.

Go fiercely [not fearless] in grace + gumption darlings. 💜

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