From One Badass MOM {Mentor of Magnificence} to Another… Happy MOM Day!!!

Happy MOM - Mentor of Magnificence - Day

Happy MOM {Mentor or Magnificence} Day

Happy MOM {Mentor of Magnificence} Day!!!

As a MOM and a MOMpreneur…

first and foremost – you are connected with the TRUTH and the FOUNDATION of life… that the greatest and most valuable contribution you can make to the uplifting of our families, communities and world is by the way you live your life everyday with the choices you make… of inspiring and empowering yourself to grow with vigor on this journey of life and truly KNOW that YOU are meant to live a most AMAZING totally HAPPY family life and business of PURPOSE + PASSION + PROSPERITY… to be the example for your children that empowers them to recognize + claim + ignite their unique greatness.

So on this very auspicious day that we make special time to celebrate the GIFT that MOMs are…

here’s a special Happy MOM Day tribute of visual inspiration for ya (from my daughter, Jamaili and her friend, Jade)!

it’s also very important that we remember that we are MOMs everyday, so we should be celebrating ourselves and this wonderous life long adventure that we’re on everyday.

For all the kick ass MOMs in our community and the ones that I have yet to meet, inspire and learn from…

I want to personally tell you that I value and appreciate you… and the incredible GIFT you are sharing with your precious kiddos and the world!

And I want to remind you that your VOICE is a catalyst for good and for change in our world.

And I’m so excited for all of you that continue to recognize your value… that until you immersed yourself in this group of MOMs/MOMpreneurs you weren’t able to even see…


and for taking a stand to claim your birthright to be heard and live fulfilled…


So MOMs keep using your VOICE to lift each other up.

Keep telling your stories.

Keep being fearlessly honest, even though you may feel terrified…

even when you think you’ll be judged for it.

Because there’s another powerful woman sitting somewhere right now…

that hasn’t been able to recognize her magnificence… 

who hasn’t claimed her inner power…

who desperately needs to hear what you have to say.

So say it!

You’re a MOM… and you inspire me!!

Happy MOM - Mentor of Magnificence - Day

Made special by my Minecraft master and creative genius son, Jivani. :o)

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