Go VEGAN in 3 Easy Steps… Get HEALTHY + Feel SEXY + Be CARING

How to Go Vegan in 3 Easy Steps

PETA Vegan in 3 Easy Steps
Being Vegan today is so much easier and yummier than it’s ever been… there really is NO reason for anyone not to be Vegan.

Unless of course you believe the false marketing and mass consciousness that says you need to be eating the standard food pyramid {of disease and death} or you’ve bought into the “our bodies need animal protein” crap or maybe you just like believing that all that chemical and contaminated food actually tastes good.

And you’d rather not know how you can live disease and ailment free and feel more physically + emotionally + spiritually alive + energetic in your life.

PETA which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has invested the last 3 decades educating millions of people about the torture that ALL animals go through EVERYDAY in order for companies to make anything that has animals in it… whether it’s for food, clothing, toiletries, entertainment, etc.

And with as many people on the planet in these times, the demand is so intense that care and compassion do not take precedence over speed and profits.

Like most kids I grew up eating the standard american diet of meat, dairy and other packaged products that contain all sorts of animal ingredients hidden in them, because I didn’t know any different…

and I don’t know if my mother knew either, because it’s not a topic we discussed and it certainly wasn’t something that I could learn in school – although it should have been.

However, one day in my late twenties I came across a website, just like you are now, where I first learned about the concept of eating vegan. At that time I was simply seeking answers and information for why my physical + emotional health was not what I wanted it to be and what I could do differently to improve it.

I really had no idea that I would discover what was really happening to the animals and the planet everyday from my lack of understanding… and once I did there was no other option for me… I was not willing to have killing another being hanging over my head.

There are plenty of informational DVDs available to rent or buy that show you in depth about this… however be warned now… they are horrifying, so if you watch any of them be prepared to witness torture and inhumanity that will make you want to curl in a fetal position and cry for days! As I did when our family began watching Food Inc. We only made it through 25 minutes – of which we were crying the entire time – and I continued to cry for days.

However you can read more about my and my family’s very inspiring journey of going vegan here – how since I went vegan 15 years ago (1 year before I even got pregnant) I’ve slowly but surely released every physical ailment that I suffered from (you’ll see the crazy list)… and even had 2 kids when they told me I couldn’t!

How my hubby, Darsana, went from getting an allergy shot every year like many people do to not even having ANY allergies!

And how our 2 precious kiddos (13 and 10) have never experienced the commonly accepted ear infections, food allergies, emotional instability, regular colds, etc.!

You know that saying… When you know better you do better!

Well that applies to you… right here… right now!

Because eating Vegan is so much easier and yummier than people make it out to be… it’s really just a matter of priorities in life.

Right after people always ask me… What do you eat – fruits and vegetables? then they ask me if it was easy to make the transition. For me it was not difficult physically, but mentally of course for a bit I missed things like cheese {cuz I ate it on everything}, pepperoni pizza {cuz I grew up on the stuff}, ice cream {cuz who doesn’t like all that creamy comfort food} and cheesecake {cuz it’s my all time favorite unhealthy food}.

But it wasn’t long before those things just grossed my out and then I couldn’t believe how I even ate them!

The first thing to remember is that Vegan food does not need to taste like the meat, dairy and chemical versions of things you’re used to eating.

Just greet the Vegan options with an open mind to eat differently, be more healthy, save the planet we call home and eliminate the need to put such incredible demand on reproducing animals and the products from them that as a society we continue to torture and abuse these precious creatures when we absolutely don’t need to.

PETA is just one website in the vast resources available to you both online and offline about being Vegan.

You can start your adventure here:

How to Go Vegan in 3 Simple Steps


Vegan 3 Easy Steps


You’l find a wealth of information about the different types of Vegan options you can buy, a plethora of amazing recipes – yes pretty much everything can be made using Vegan ingredients – and even what to look for when eating out.

PETA Vegan Diet Infographic


I will share this… over the past 15 years eating Vegan, I’ve come to understand that food is available to nourish my body not feed my emotions.

So as I got farther in the journey of being Vegan I stopped needing Vegan foods to replace the other versions. And I realized that I needed to eat a lot less food as my body started utilizing the nutrients more effectively.

And as I continue to educate my self more about products on the market (and how they put animal ingredients in everything) I’m very conscientious about reading labels BEFORE I purchase anything.

Now you might be thinking WOW Kalyani, that’s a bit much… who’s got that kind of time? Well I do…

because what I’ve learned is that whatever is important to me – and that goes for you too – we will make the time for it and eventually it naturally just weaves into the tapestry of our life and we don’t even see it as taking any extra time.

Vegan is HEALTHY + Vegan is SEXY + Vegan is CARING… for yourself, the animals and the planet!!

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Vivacious Vegan, Kalyani

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