Gratitude for the New UNschool Year

Gratitude for the New Unschool Year

Yep we are excited and grateful for another year of empowered LIFEschool + HOMEschool + UNschool

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ~ Albert Einstein

There are lots of kids heading off to their first day of school today… And even though it’s our official first day of school for the year as well, we are LIFEschoolers + HOMEschoolers + UNschoolers so we thought we’d go scootering this morning instead.

Jivani & Jamaili


So as our kiddos, Jivani and Jamaili, are off to go SCOOTER…

I’m reminded just how GRATEFUL I am for the AWESOME life we, meaning my hubby Darsana and I, have created for our family.

Besides the simple fact that being an entrepreneur is just totally freakin’ badass for so many reasons – like freedom to choose what we do everyday, freedom to express our unique gifts, message and movement with people around the world, freedom to make as much money as we choose and help others to do the same, and being a family that just really cares about making a positive impact for all humanity, animals and our planet.

I could go on and on and on about why I absolutely LOVE being a MOMpreneur working from the comfort of my home or anywhere in the world I choose…

But first and foremost, my MAIN reason for being a MOMpreneur for 15+ years has always been so that I could be at home with my precious kiddos!

So they would never have to go off to school all day – to a system that puts pressure on them to conform rather than express – that is not designed to NURTURE their UNIQUE GREATNESS.

This is why I’m a MOMpreneur and LIFEschool/UNschool at home.

Or at the BEACH! Or at the GRAND CANYON! Or at the Wildlife Rescue Center! Or anywhere we choose!

So it felt fitting today that we all share 3 things that we are grateful for in our life.


That we are together as a family everyday

Daddy and mommy make super yummy delicious food everyday

My awesome colorful clothes


Our family being together everyday

My amazing friends

Technology that lets me learn cool stuff and have friends all around the world


Freedom of choices in my life everyday

Sharing my human life journey with my hubby, kiddos and animal babies

How much more everyday that I’m learning to love myself as I am


My depth of awareness of loving what is

My excellent health that lets me live freely

Wisdom to discern TRUTH

We feel truly blessed to have made such a powerful decision to choose this joyous path of LIFEschool + HOMEschool + UNschool!

And I hope this can inspire you to know that you really can do this too! And your kiddos will love it!
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