It’s Not the {List} Size That Matters It’s How You Use It

Grow Your Big List Myth

I am one of those gals that has always believed in this truth…

It’s not the {list} SIZE that matters it’s how you USE IT!

And I won’t be divulging where my sweetheart relates to this saying.

But I will tell you he is a gorgeous Latin lover. He is sexy and charismatic in every way. When he turns on the Latin heat, the salsa music and starts speaking Spanish {which is everyday} I’m transported to another dimension. After 20+ years I haven’t determined where that is yet but I’m so good with keeping the mystery of it!

Oops! Juicy inside scoop… digress… done…

On to what we’re really here to talk about…

There’s a very common MYTH out there in the world that says something like this… it’s a numbers game, the more people you talk to the more clients you’ll have.

And often you’ll here people teaching about planning your numbers in your business. So if you want to make a certain amount of money monthly then you need to break it down specifically to how many people you need to “speak to” in order to reach the real goal of how many of them will then be clients.

Call me crazy, but I’ve NEVER agreed with this theory… in my business or my life.

Think about this way, when you’re wanting to attract your soul mate, do you work out the numbers for how many dates you’ll have to go on before one of them will qualify as your partner?

Again call me crazy or call me lucky, doesn’t matter to me cuz I’m neither… 20+ years ago when I was ready to be in life + love partnership I made a declaration to myself and God/Universe {however you refer to it} that went something like this… DO NOT send anymore men into my life unless he is going to be my soul partner for life. DONE! And less than a month later… so he was and still is 😉

When it comes to our lives and business, rockin the mic of success is so not about the size of our house, bank account, audience, list, etc.

When I’m decorating my home {for our family it’s our sanctuary} whether they’re large or small – and over the years I’ve lived in from a 400 sq. ft. luxury RV to a 5200 sq. ft. custom home – the joy is in how the colors and meaningful things make me and my family feel. Size is not what matters.

Contrary to what many think, you actually don’t need a million dollars to live an abundant and free life.

It’s not about the massive amounts of opt in/leads that you can get.

It’s not about lots of Likes on Facebook, or tons of Twitter followers, or even a mailing list of thousands of people to send emails to…

because it’s not about the {list} size that matters it’s how you use it.

People are so inundated with tons of junk email everyday, that they often don’t even get to see the really good stuff. I personally am only on about a half dozen email lists from colleagues that I highly value and respect what they share, because I don’t like to even read emails.

So if you have a community of peeps that you connect with through email or through your social playgrounds… it’s about cultivating relationships… with or without a list of any size.

It’s about communicating and inspiring life changing value.

In partnership with my hubby {yes the same Latin lover}, we’ve built four multiple 6-figure businesses over the past 20+ years, in totally different industries each time, without playing any numbers game or building big lists. We simply believe in connecting with people and that who we are will attract and align us with the right people desiring our services.

It’s about asking the universe to transport you to the internal place that allows the flow of the divine to work through you so that you can affect and uplift others. If that is only you and one other person (vs. 500 or 5000) then the gift you came here to share has been gloriously lived another day.

And you can do all of this with a big or small list… or no list at all for that matter.

Before I started my coaching & mentoring business online I didn’t even know what a list was… I simply connected + conversated + cultivated… to help thousands of people improve their lives.

Again call me crazy or call me ignorant, but I’ve always believed that if I’ve been inspired with an idea then I absolutely can and should jump into action knowing that the Universe has got my back and will Divinely guide me in the direction I need to go and make visible each next step to take and align me with the very people that I’m meant to support.

This is about starting where you are {right NOW}… sharing your gifts, talents, love and commitment to your magnificence and inspiring it within others.

“Success is more than just what you accomplish, it’s about what you inspire others to create.” – Kalyani Roldan

This is about building a value based relationship {and commonUNITY} with an audience of people that are truly interested in what you are doing, how they can actively engage with you and how you can help them rock their life and business.

As I already shared, in 20+ years as a very successful entrepreneur, I’ve never in any business, including my current coaching business, approached it from a numbers perspective. I’ve never believed nor operated as though I needed to move through a numbers game of the more people I reach the better chance of getting clients.

Now I’m not saying that you should or should not build a list. I have a powerful Inner Wealth Manifesta available on my site in exchange for a name and email opt in. But my focus is not on growing my list or Likes or Followers everyday or even most of the time. My full inner and outer focus in my life which includes my business is always about being the most magnificent version of myself so that I can be a vessel of giving the abSOULute best value I can to anyone and everyone that I come in contact with everyday.

And I TRUST the workings of the Universe, so specifically for business this means that I engage myself whole heartedly with total FAITH that I will always connect with and be in the flow of the right clients at the right timing.

Remember before I came online I never even knew what a list was… and I still achieved multiple 6-figure success.

And contrary to a lot of the noise in the online world… I’ve brought my tried and true offline business success principles to the online world.

I’ve always believed that I’m in tune with the signs that guide me to the business I’m meant to be expressing at that time, I jump in fully committed to greatness, and consequently I’ve always magnetized people that resonate with my values, message and movement.

I believe this is what creates very purposeful, passionate and profitable business!

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In meaningful conversation, Kalyani



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