Can You Really Be Happier in the Moment?


Happy Holidays!!

Many of my teachers and mentors over the years have said… we often teach what we most need to learn and embody.

I’ve been reading a most fabulous book by Byron Katie called A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony With the Way Things Are

and the juice of the book is about truly loving what is – just as it is – at every moment.

So as I’m decorating the Christmas tree at our very special friends home… I observed some thoughts that came in about all our belongings being in storage and that I’m not decorating my own tree and home and we won’t be buying a bunch of things to put under the tree since we’re enjoying this Xmas in Puerto Rico.

And then the next thought that came to mind was the constant expectations we put on ourselves about how we want an experience to be a certain way in order for us to really enjoy it.

And often times we even get a bit too attached to traditions and the way we like things to be year after year… which can be a big reason why many people miss out on attracting new experiences to their life because as much as they say they want something new they’re actually more emotionally attached and invested into keeping things the way they’ve always known.

Then I heard Byron Katie whispering in my ear to stop thinking about what I thought I should be experiencing and step into this moment right now and be thrilled for all it is… just as it is…

This is a specially unique Xmas cuz the Radical Roldans get the badass opportunity to experience firsthand all the Xmas traditions of Puerto Rico that Darsana {if you don’t know already is Puerto Rican} has shared so much about with us year after year… and even though we’ve always incorporated many, some have to be altered and some you just have to be here.

So I want to offer you this very powerful perspective that I’m now being intentional with…

how about enjoying this holiday season, and right on into the new year, each and every moment for the incredible unknown gift that each one is.

No more expectations if how you think it should be… but feeling truly grateful + blessed + excited {not just intellectually saying it} for ALL that your life is right this moment.

Desiring and creating more is the natural progression of the spirit… always seeking to express greater…

but not at the expense of this current moment and experience which is really all we have.

“Whatever the present moment contains accept it as if you had chosen it.” – Eckhart Tolle

To us sharing this moment…

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