How I Fell “Madly In Love With Me”!

Christine Arylo Madly in Love With Me
Kalyani Roldan & Christine Arylo at Madly in Love With Me
Me & Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo declared February 13 International Self Love Day… we threw a Kick-Ass party… and I fell Madly in Love With Me!

It was 3 years ago today… February 13, 2010… the anticipation was thrilling, the excitement was palpable…

300+ amazing women gathered at the gorgeous Claremont Resort in Berkeley, CA for the incredible

Madly in Love With Me Self Love Celebration

to bathe ourselves in much deserved and long overdue SELF LOVE .

We arrived with the intention of learning to love ourselves more, and for many of us, even embracing LOVING and ADORING ourself for the very first time…

simply because it’s our birthright!

We learned techniques to cultivate more space in our lives to nurture ourselves so that we can be more present… and in awe and gratitude for the gift of LIFE itself…

available with intention to create a more joy filled life…

and what we really got… were powerful BREAKTHROUGHS!

What we ended up discovering was that we were not loving ourselves because we each believed at our core that we were not lovable…

and the parts of us that we were so intent on hiding for so long turned out to be the most amazing parts of us that were uncovered and most LOVED by everyone else!

the FREAKIN IRONY of it all…

It’s been an ever expanding journey since that day of celebration in February 2010… and let me tell you it isn’t an easy discipline to love myself – not because I’m not totally amazing… but KNOWING, BELIEVING and EMBODYING this is an everyday discipline that I continue to grow into more and more… greater and greater with each new moment, days, weeks and years.

But here’s what I did rediscover about myself…

I am the ever expanding LOVE and BEAUTY of LIFE in full EXPRESSION…

and I regularly go on a date with my SOUL and write down my dreams, desires and visions.

The journey is a daily process of connecting in with my inner wisdom and higher self, because I’m committed to peeling off every self imposed layer of this onion. And sometimes the layers are thicker, more complex and even stinky, but what I know is this…

everyday is an exciting adventure of exploration into the unknown…

and every layer that gets removed is another triumph for my SOUL to be more free to flourish… greater and greater into the kick-ass woman that I AM…

that came to this planet in the perfectly right vehicle at the perfectly right timing… to live my legacy of LOVE…

inspiring more life into my brilliant kiddos, my sexy hubby and all of humanity, animals and our planet! Booyah!

Now that’s simply BADASS!!

Madly in Love With Me Self Love Compass
My Self Love Compass



It’s your time to let your Big Bright Brilliant Beam of Radiant Light Shine!

You really are GOOD ENOUGH just as you are!



Christine has kept the Madly in Love With Me International Day of Self Love Celebrations going strong ever since. If you haven’t yet had the euphoric experience of participating in one of these glorious gatherings of powerful women… yes even when we don’t recognize our magnificence we are mighty powerful…

so imagine at the end of the celebration…


the space can barely contain the energy flow…


I highly recommend you get yourself to the next Madly in Love With Me celebration!


Visit Christine’s website to get all the details for the next one… and a whole bunch more awesome goodies to get started loving yourself!


Check out some of the fun from our 2010 celebration…

Kalyani Roldan & Madly in Love With Me Friends
Raquel, Jane, Me & Alie


Kalyani Roldan & Shiloh Sophia McCloud at Madly in Love With Me
Kalyani Roldan & Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Tree of Love by Shiloh Sophia McCloud
Tree of Love by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Shiloh Sophia McCloud created this beautiful masterpiece specially for the Madly in Love With Me Self LOVE Celebration. We all created a leaf with a personal message of inspiration on it to be placed on the tree. Then the painting was given to the Shakti Rising organization that empowers women to uncover, rediscover, and reclaim their whole selves.


Tree of Life Inspirational Message Leaf for Madly in Love With Me
My leaf said Free Your Mind, Body and Spirit From Your Own Self Imposed Bondage


Kalyani Roldan & Marci Shimoff at Madly in Love With Me
Raquel, Me & Marci Shimoff


Kalyani Roldan & SARK at Madly in Love With Me


KalyaKalyani Roldan & Lindsay Brie Mathers at Madly in Love With Me
Raquel, Me & Lindsay Brie Mathers


Some of the Powerful Women at Madly in Love With Me
Some of the Powerful Women at Madly in Love With Me


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