How to Create the Success You Want When You Feel Like You’re Failing

How to Create Success From Your Failure

I get it… you’re dead tired and feeling like you’re failing, but you want success so damn bad you can taste it!

We tend to want instant gratification of success results once we make a decision to take action on something… even if it’s taken us years to get to the decision.

But when you don’t see/receive the overnight success results you want, you’ve got to keep on going no matter what! Your success is most likely one exit away!

Here’s what you’re going to need to do then in order to create the success you want…

In 2004 when we moved our family to Florida from California (with a pit stop in Texas – but that’s another story) we had no idea (seriously) what we were going to do for business. We had sold the education agency we had in California and took a leap of faith that we would be guided to what we were supposed to venture into next. It was a giant scary move!

Well as we intended the Universe prevailed in providing clues (and interest on our part) that we were to get involved in real estate. We had NO prior knowledge or experience working in any real estate endeavor, but we followed the trail and jumped ALL IN to create and take action immediately – even though we were still on the steep learning curve.

So we made the decision to start out helping people that found themselves in foreclosure. We had post cards made up to hand out, we had a professional photo shoot done to place ads in magazines and we purchased lists of homes in foreclosure.

Then day after day Darsana went out for hours – house to house – door knocking to talk to people about how we could help them.

We did this consistently for months and months with what seemed like NO results and definitely without success. Many days we even packed up our whole family… and with two kiddos in tow we spent the entire day out knocking and talking.

Finally one day the breakthrough came… a real client that we could help… and then another… and from there our business just took off! We hooked up with a builder and provided exclusive marketing and sales for their new homes… creating the success that we had wanted (our goal was $10,000 per month) and even more than we could envision… to the tune of $30,000-$50,000 every month for many years!

All because we stayed strong through the learning curve, stayed committed to our dreams of being with our family and stayed the course even when it didn’t look like we were getting any results and certainly not the results we envisioned.

The more you are able and willing to embrace every seemingly unpleasant situation (failure) then you will be in gratitude and excitement for the certain breakthrough that it holds for you and those you touch.

The more you will rejoice in the glory of the Universe and Its Divine appointment of helping you reach greater heights of purpose, passion and prosperity.

Whether its something simple like busting a financial block or losing a few stubborn pounds or something deeper like overcoming a betrayal in your relationship or a lack of belief in your ability as a parent.

I think it’s safe to assume we never want to have to experience or go through these situations (seeming failures)…

But that is precisely when it’s time to pull out your ninja warrior(ess) – attitude and action – and you will surely reap the rewards!

Dig deeper and know that this moment was purposefully synchronized especially for you as the perfectly designed opportunity to have a most necessary breakthrough…

this is when I say to myself… this freakin sucks but I’m in it to win it… and I celebrate… because I know without a doubt where I will be in my inner strength, personal confidence and enthusiasm for life…

will be so worth this momentary (seeming) failure!

The present awareness is the place of power that opens your ability to know that you can absolutely handle this… You got this!

Stay strong, stay committed and stay the course… You’re on the verge of a miracle!

Get out and create your success!

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