If Today Marks the BEGINNING of the Rest of Your Life… What Will You Do Today?

Ludacris Rest of My Life

Rest of My Life by Ludacris Featuring Usher and David Guetta

Every day that you are blessed to arise ALIVE again… is a GIFT and the BEGINNING of the rest of your life!

What will you do with the rest of your life starting today?

This is one of my favorite tunes – Rest Of My Life by Ludacris and featuring Usher and David Guetta…

along with my thoughts that were inspired by the tune and something that I shared with my niece for her 21st birthday recently.

When I reread what I shared with her, it felt so powerful that it calls to be shared again…

because these are the kind of transformative words that can inspire you to view life differently…

and as a 6 figure entrepreneur for 18+ years, trust me when I tell you that living everyday from this premise is what will propel you to new heights of possibilities and success for your life and to be of greater service as an entrepreneur in your business!

So it is now part of my ongoing simplySOULkandy series that you can access here www.simplySOULkandy.com

And let me just say that I don’t advocate some of the things that are described in the lyrics, but I believe that what Ludacris is really talking about is this:

LIFE is a journey comprised of many moments in time, some feel fabulous, some make us go hmm, and some we would rather not have ever known…

but as your journey continues to unfold… the tapestry of those moments and their priceless meanings become crystal clear.

You only live one life earth side as this magnificent being that you are right now… so don’t ever let anyone manipulate, dictate or orchestrate your adventure.

The most amazing GIFT you can give yourself is the commitment to LIVE fully no matter what!

You can only experience your most KICK-ASS LIFE when you tap into your most INNER POTENTIAL and let your light shine it’s full blinding brightness!

You have to close your eyes to open your SOUL and DREAM bigger!

Don’t play life safe, just play it smart!

Get out of your head – get into your HEART!

Everyday is the BEGINNING of the rest of your life!


– Kalyani Roldan

Forever more you now have a new perspective about what the rest of your life really means…

How will you show up to your God/Universe/Higher Power today?

How will you be the example and inspire your family today?

How will you bring greater possibilities to someone else today?

How will you serve humanity, animals and the planet to the best of your ability today?

What will you do with the rest of your life?


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