If You REALLY Want Your Dreams to Become Your Reality… The ONLY Question to Ask Yourself is This…

The Most Powerful Question To Ask Yourself… If You Want Your Dreams to Be Your Reality

The Most Powerful Question To Ask Yourself… If You Want Your Dreams to Be Your Reality

Are the CHOICES I’m making TODAY in alignment with what I say I REALLY want to experience in my life and POWERFULLY moving me in the direction of my dreams?

If your answer is NOT a resounding YES! then you need to keep reading to find out how you can make the necessary changes immediately!

Everyday you are creating the tapestry of your life – from the series of choices that you make moment by moment.

How are your current choices affecting your life, your health, your family, your joy, your freedom…

Do your choices have you experiencing any of these…

– waking up everyday at the time you choose

– running your own profitable business from home… or anywhere in the world you choose

– being JOYFULLY available with intention with your kids and partner

– GIVING money to help organizations that match your mission

– HELPING organizations to build wells that provide clean water… empower kids… protect animals and our planet

– traveling to new countries and experiencing new cultures

– maybe even facing your fears – like speaking on stage… or zip lining in the jungle

Do your choices have you…

greeting everyday with ENTHUSIASM and GRATITUDE to be ALIVE… because your choices have created your life of FREEDOM?

December 21st…

obviously wasn’t the end of the world like many thought it would be…

but it certainly did bring an end to an era…

an era of people blindly following the status quo…

an era of people working/wasting away their life at a 9-5 job…

an era of people no longer willing to settle for unhappy and unfulfilled… any longer…

an era of people not believing in themselves and their dreams…

And more and more we continue to awaken from the epidemic that is sweeping our nation.

Too many parents are distracted, too many single moms don’t have the support they need, too many adults have not healed their own wounds and so they pass them on to their children like karmic sludge. We subject our children to culture dominated by fear (news, video games, movies) and then wonder what the dang problem is. The problem is not “out there”, it’s “in here”. – Dave Sharpe

We know that our (bad) choices everyday are impacting our children, animals and our planet! And that social change happens from the inside out!

It’s time we ALL make different + conscious + loving + freeing choices!

Its time to close the door on 2012 and even yesterday with the I can’t person… today is a new day – greet it with an attitude of… it’s my time and I can do this!


Watch this video… to hear about some CRAZY choices I’ve made… and the power of what I learned by making different choices…

yet still enjoying every moment that I create and continue trusting in God that there is Divine appointment and purpose in all my life adventures…

I believe everyone, including YOU, has a personal perspective about life with a unique mission and message to share with the world about your experiences – and even though they are different in detail – they are similar in feeling.

And if you use your voice to share and inspire even one more person to make better choices then your life will be well lived and lived fully!

You’ve got to cut out the negative noise from your life and bring in more intelligent discernment to make your choices.

You’ve got to take different actions or you will absolutely just continue to produce the same results that you always have been.

If you want more… then you need to be more, do more and give more… in order to have more!

It’s YOUR time to make choices that empower you to take your life to the next level…  that create the sweetness of joy filled success in your life and your business!

What different CHOICES will you make today?!

When you get plugged into Team Rich & Conscious we’ve got your back every step of the way…

Every week we give life empowering radio shows on blogtalkradio that will help you get clear on your mission and message (and you don’t even have to pay a coach $43,000 like Darsana and I did!) – I am confident you already know and we’re here to help you clarify it.

And it doesn’t matter how much you know or not about doing business online…

the training you get with Empower Network is equivalent to going through the training in karate and coming out with a black belt.

EVERYTHING is already laid out for you… all you need to do is follow the system (like we all do)!

NOW there’s nothing holding you back BUT YOUR CHOICES!


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To dreams becoming reality, Kalyani

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