And In the End the LOVE you TAKE is Equal to the LOVE You MAKE

And In the End the LOVE you TAKE is Equal to the LOVE You MAKE

And In the End the LOVE you TAKE is Equal to the LOVE You MAKE

I truly BELIEVE…In the End the LOVE you TAKE is Equal to the LOVE You MAKE

It was a magnificent day in the gorgeous mountains of Los Gatos, CA in 1999 when I made a decision that would FOREVER alter the trajectory of my life in so many ways.

Just a little background first…

I grew up eating all the traditional foods of the standard american disease diet. And sadly I did eat at fast food joints when I was a teenager. However I’ve never been a big meat eater. I was more of a pasta, creamy, all things cheesy kind a gal. I so loved my Friday night pepperoni pizza!

C’mon is that really any better?!

Seriously I had to have cheese on everything (reminds me of the song my kiddos run around signing – ketchup on everything- ketchup on everything) even if it didn’t really enhance the meal… I just wanted the comfort of knowing it was there.

And don’t forget the breads and sugars! One of my favorite places was the Hostess Bakery Outlet. I loaded up on those (what I thought was yummy at the time) fruit pies (yeah right they are just flavored gelatin), crumb cakes, Suzie-Q… I’m sure you know them well too!

And I certainly didn’t escape paying the price for this type of eating.

My childhood and teens years were ripe with all the common (not normal) colds, sickness and ailments that most young people experience. Up until I met Darsana in my early 20’s I experienced a plethora of health issues like accepted colds, ear aches, skin issues, migraine headaches, poor digestion, insomnia depression, anger, and even endometriosis and was told that I would not ever birth babies.

Then I started reading and learning about the DIRECT correlation between what I was eating and what I was experiencing in my life. I started understanding that the food I was eating was having a direct affect on how I was feeling about myself and my outlook on life.

Then I learned from Louise Hay how much our emotions come into play when we experience ailments in our body. When you put unhealthy food into your body it creates toxicity which contributes to lowering your mental and emotional state of being which then causes inbalances that show up as physical ailments.

If you haven’t read her book You Can Heal Your Life I highly recommend you get it. She shares about how she healed her body of cancer eating living foods.

So during the first years that Darsana and I were together, we ate fish and chicken a few times a week and maybe a few times a year a plate of Tony Roma’s ribs. And of course still eating the pasta, creamy cheesy stuff. LOL

We have always been very physically active out in nature and exercise daily. So we started having more conversations about feeling more healthy and energetic.

And that brought us to the life enhancing decision we made 13+ years ago… GO VEGAN.

There was no transition period of eating less of anything or eliminating certain foods… we just went cold turkey.

And right away we took it a step further…

since we had talked about both feeling ready to have kids I knew I wanted to be the healthiest possible while nurturing our baby inside. So we embarked on an even more adventurous journey!

We started eating completely RAW VEGAN, we both had a series of colonics with follow up ones for the next year and began eliminating toxic body products.

It wasn’t long before baby 1 was brewing. And then baby 2 arrived three years later. And from the moment both of our kiddos were conceived and born, they too have been vegan.

And our kiddos (now 12 and 9) have not ever experienced any of the “traditionally expected and accepted” ailments that almost all children do – like regular common colds, ear infections, lice, food allergies, emotional instability, regular colds, etc. or anything major either.

I’m sharing this with you because I believe that all of the health and emotional issues that our precious children have to deal with today (as well as adults) comes directly from the over burden of toxic food that is put into thier systems everyday.

At one point the body has no other option than to react to the over toxicity (because even in it’s infinite intelligence the body’s organs can only expel so much toxins) which will result in a failure of something physically and/or emotionally.

The good news is this… when you FIRST simply make good changes in the food going in, then you give the body back it’s ability to self heal.

All of the body ailments that I had dissipated and I rarely experience any health issues of any kind. Maybe an occasional minimal tension headache or joint ache… but I immediately open my Heal Your Body A-Z iPhone App to see what toxic emotion is signaling me and how I can help it be released.

It has been so long now that I honestly can not remember details, but I’m sure there were some moments that I “dreamed” about pepperoni pizza and cheesecake. And I’m quite certain that I even ate some of that cheesecake (but not the pizza)!

However it never was a tough process, because it just FELT NATURAL.

And we never started it as an experiment with the option to go back… that is not how the Radical Roldans roll!

With each passing day as we became more CLEAR in our mind, body and spirit – we truly embodied this…

In the End the LOVE you TAKE is Equal to the LOVE You MAKE

…and we naturally progressed from EATING vegan to LIVING vegan.

And what I mean by that is… we stopped purchasing products that used animal ingredients or did animal testing and we stopped engaging in activities that we believed exploited animals for profit.

Because what we discovered was happening then and still going on today is heart wrenching to say the least… 

More than 50 billion animals a year are killed! They are all mistreated and abused and they certainly feel fear and pain when they are slaughtered. There is no such thing as a “HAPPY” cow.

Every animal that is used for human consumption (and at the rate we’re going that is just about every living creature we can capture for nearly every consumer product) is done so without regard to anything but the profits they will bring.

They are all pumped with hormones, live in horrific conditions, are fed a miserable diet and are pumped with antibiotics to make them blow up as big as they can get them to once again achieve larger profits for less quality.

And this happens every minute of every day!

You have to use your intelligence… if everything is energy and what you are putting in your body is rotten diseased dead flesh filled with fear and abused energy then it is only obvious that this is what you are putting in your body too!

This is why everything we are being fed from the televsion and mainstream media is a lie. (Which is why our family is very conscientious about what we put into our minds… but that’s a whole other Unconventional TRUTH coming your way soon.)

This is why we have an epidemic of the human species riddled with diseases.

So if you’re done with being overweight, out of shape and feeling sluggish and emotionally unbalanced… then learn how you can go Vegan in 3 Easy Steps here.

My friends no matter how you slice the cheesecake…

life is always going to be a series of daily CHOICES.

I (and my family) feel the natural loving choice is to LIVE VEGAN.

And that’s why I just love this line from Paul McCartney and the Beatles:

And In the End the LOVE you TAKE is Equal to the LOVE You MAKE!


In the comments below, I want to hear from YOU.

Specifically, let me know:

1. Do you eat vegan?

2. What are your thoughts or experience about eating or living vegan?

3. What aha insight are you taking away from this discussion?

I’d love to hear any other insights or inspirations you want to share related to this topic.

Thank you so much for reading (this somewhat longer post than usual).

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