Let’s Crank It Up a Notch!

Let's Crank It Up A Notch!

Don’t listen to this show if you’re not ready to change your life!

But if you are…

then start celebrating and throw a party, because I’m going to give you on a party platter the very simple steps to get you started kicking old beliefs and behaviors to the curb…

so you can change your life… beginning right now – this moment!

It’s Monday… and it’s time to switch the mindset about Monday… see it as the day you get to kick butt into action mode for the week again!

When I say Let’s Crank It Up a Notch… I DON’T mean just get busier… I DO mean it’s time to raise your standards to even higher levels than ever before!

This is how you truly create massive, powerful, awesome shift… to change your life!

It’s not hard and you don’t have to push… you only need to KNOW that the Universe is always conspiring for you to expand your capacity.

Listen in to my power packed 15 minute blogtalkradio show (Pan Caliente Para La Mente in English Hot Bread for Your Mind) right now to understand how to embrace that nothing happens to you… it all happens brilliantly for you… to propel you with courage and determination to be your even more magnificent self.

blogtalkradio.com show Pan Caliente Para La Mente with Darsana Roldan

Press HERE to listen now


Tune in every Monday and Friday at 8:00 AM (PST) for Pan Caliente Para La Mente in English


every Wednesday at 8:00 AM (PST) for Pan Caliente Para La Mente in Spanish.

This is definitely one very simply powerful way to help you accelerate the process to change your life!


Love and Appreciation,

Darsana Roldan





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