LIFEschool: How the Radical Roldans Roll

earth is our school. life is our classroom.


eARTh is our school, LIFE is our classroom… 

MOM = Mentor of Magnificence. All of life is the most wonderous and totally wild adventure chocked full of lessons that can never be learned within the confines of competition, agendas, schedules, pressures and tests. Learning happens all the time, anywhere. Taking our cues from Mother Earth – actively observing the ever flowing energy, cooperation, intelligence and abundance.

LIFEschool is empowering our precious children to tap into the unlimited potential they are and allow their connection with the brilliance of the universe to fully express through them. Planting seeds of infinite possibilities and extraordinary capabilities.


Embracing a richly spirited, cultured, creative, intellectual, playful, imaginative life. Critical thinking and conscious reasoning. Nurturing their glorious gifts while exploring their infinite potential. Flourishing their every vision and dream.

Most importantly encouraging rich HEART connection within –  extending to all humanity, animals and nature.

At Mi Escuelita (our official family school name), we are casual about school time. We come together with intention and we let the unfolding flourish. We do not follow any one specific curriculum. I gather many fun resources to create an eclectic mixture of intrigue. Other than learning some basics everything else stems from creation and connection. This is definitely not as intense or in depth as many mamas think it is or has to be. 

Call it radical. We call it natural. LIFE. UNBOUNDED. MAGICAL.




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