Make Decisions Not Excuses

Stop reading this right NOW if you’re not ready to make DECISIONS not EXCUSES!

“You can make excuses, or you can make a life beyond your wildest dreams, but you can’t make both!”

This is the #1 reason why the love of my life and partner of everything… life, family, parenting, business, spiritual growth, laughter and friendship, Darsana Roldan, and I have been successful entrepreneurs for 15+ years.


Then we take massive action and we persevere until we achieve what we want.

Even when plenty of people {yes well meaning family and friends} around us think we are crazy, irresponsible and should just stay safe and secure {translation – unfulfilled with life}.

That’s when you know it’s time for a fresh circle of new friends. Family… well that’s another decision you have to make… depending on your family dynamics.

And you may have already heard this saying… you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if you’re anything like me, and those that know me will tell you, I’m very conscientious of who and where I invest my very treasured time.

You really have to STOP with all the BULLSHIT and…

make DECISIONS not EXCUSES with your life!

Push yourself to be more all the time even if it means getting out of your {uncomfortable} comfort zone. You know that place well – we all do – but don’t get complacent there, because as you already experience, it is everything but comfortable.

9 years ago Darsana and I sold a very successful education and counseling agency to move across the nation from California to Florida without knowing anyone and not having any idea in what capacity we would share our expertise to generate an income.

But we knew it was time to get out of the {uncomfortable} comfort zone and take it to the next level in the journey of our lives and be the example for our precious kiddos… that you listen to the messages that are inspired through you from God/Universe {whatever you call it} and take action. TRUST!

Without any prior knowledge in real estate we created a very successful multi-million dollar real estate sales and marketing business. And bought two dream homes + luxury cars + so much more. These are the kind of dreams anyone can live when you set your intentions and take aligned action.

And even though we had a pretty darn good, rich and happy life going {on the outside}… we were both seeking richer + deeper fulfillment on the inside.

Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans Living in Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans 1st Home
the Radical Roldans 1st Home in Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans Custom Designed Pool in Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans Custom Pool in Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans 2nd Home
the Radical Roldans 2nd Home in Legends Golf & Country Club, Clermont, FL
the Radical Roldans BMW X-5 and BMW 325i
the Radical Roldans BMW X-5 and BMW 325i
the Radical Roldans Custom Kitchen
the Radical Roldans Custom Kitchen
the Radical Roldans Library
the Radical Roldans Custom Library & Game Room
the Radical Roldans Library2
the Radical Roldans Library
the Radical Roldans Master Bedroom
the Radical Roldans Custom Master Bedroom

The kind of fulfillment that you only experience when you’re living with intentional purpose to empower yourself and others and passionate about what you’re sharing with the world – hopefully to make a difference and leave a legacy of love.

And then 3 years ago God/Universe spoke again… time to kick it up a notch… and of course we took action, because that is what the Radical Roldans do…

only this time we set our intentions for bigger than ever… and it has meant digging down deeper than ever to truly see what we are made of.

We closed our real estate business immediately not even knowing what would be our next move in this game of life.

And in the process we ended up losing most all of the material possessions… And it was a very rough journey to go from living a lifestyle of $30,000-50,000 a month to reaching a point of having to let go of a ring my dad gave my mom when they were teenagers to take it to the pawn shop to get money to feed our precious kiddos.

Let’s just say we made some new friends at the pawn shop!


We decided that the internet was the key to the freedom we were seeking. To be able to travel the world and do business from anywhere.

So we traveled the nation for 16 months {that’s another story that you can read about in other posts} studying all about how to do business online and putting everything in place for our online life & biz coaching business.

Have Fun With Life, Help Others, Thats How You Make Money

And there you have it… once again with no prior knowledge or experience in the online world {because all our success in business was in the offline brick and mortar world} we are {as we expected} growing a very successful and fulfilling global business!

And now we are back bigger than ever! We are on fire with desire! And we are doing things that we would never even have imagined some years ago.

That’s how the Universal energy aligns so miraculously for your greatness when you make DECISIONS not EXCUSES.

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