Making Your Vision Reality

Making Your Vision Reality

Not a version of your vision that you think is doable.

Not someone else’s vision that they think you should be living.

Not even the vision that you thought you’re supposed to be living.

YOUR TRUE VISION: Your Song of Life + Love + Money + Family + Health + Soul + Spirit + Connection + Expansion + Creativity + Playing + Giving + Serving + Soul’s Calling

I get it… you may be feeling stuck or maybe you’re not even clear about your vision. As a MOM {Mentor of Magnificence} we often mislead ourself thinking that we’re only here to be an amazing MOM, cuz really that’s all we have time to BE until our kiddos are grown. Right?!

Wrong! If you really want to create and live an extraordinary life then you’ve got to be willing to let go of the safety net of all the labels + limitations + other shit of the old paradigm weighing you down. You’ve got to be willing to not only step outside the box, but throw away the box completely!

I mean step on it! Smash it! And throw the freakin box in the “recycle” already! lol!

Even when it seems as if there isn’t any time or way to create and live your vision — the life you truly desire is ready for you to allow it.

Don’t die with your music in you!


This is what being a MOM {Mentor of Magnificence} is REALLY all about! And this is the greatest life lesson we can ever impart to our precious kiddos!

Break ALL the rules given to you by well meaning family members, friends and society that tell you that you have to sacrifice and accept the way things are.

This isn’t what you’re designed for… the {uncomfortable} comfort zone… rather than FULL EXPRESSION.

It’s time to up-level your adventure of life… up-level your mindset, up-level your energy vibration, up-level your creating, and up-level your impact in the world… and be giddy about the GIFT of LIFE again.

And when you know that life is co-creating with you, ready for you to be all that you desire, and that you’re living all that you’re creating at every moment… you’ll take aligned, empowered action even when it may seem very scary.

I know it sounds RADICAL, and even too SIMPLE, but with this kind of trust and faith, you’ll always be heading in the right direction.

And how do you know when and what action to take? 

If you’re tapped in and turned on… you listen and trust your TRUTH… and then you’re inspired with the next right action and the right timing.

It’s not about knowing the entire road map of your life all at once.

Here’s a REAL SECRET I share with all my clients {and pretty much anyone that asks how I seem to always get what I want}… create your vision to match how you want to feel + what you want to express through you + what you’d love to experience any given day. Don’t set your “sites” on the vision that you’re whole life is magically “in place”. You don’t get handed what you want – you draw to you the perfect path of co-creating what you want moment by moment… so enjoy the journey.

When God said you are here to live life and live it more abundantly… it was not meant or to be interpreted as… oh but within reason.

I love creating in my art studio, and vision books are a great way to bring the vision in your mind’s eye into a visual that you can physically look at any time you want to feel that injection of inspiration.

It’s not the “THING” that’s going to make your life visions all of a sudden become reality, but a physical vision book sitting on your bedside table that you see every time you wake in the morning and go to rest at night, is definitely a great instant reminder for you to tap into what you’ve put into your vortex of life {whether you open the book or see it in your mind’s eye}.

So get creating your BEAUTIFUL Vision Book… NO holding back here… this is the time to be REAL with yourself about what you desire whether you can see the path there or not. Just know that having the vision within you, means you’ve already completed most of the manifestation of it. Then you can strengthen your faith muscle to allow it all into your reality.

Like my life, my vision books are a sorta private thing, but I’m asked so often about whether I have vision books and use the process of creating them. Yes I do! Because for me it’s super fun to play in my studio making it.

So here’s a peek inside my Vision Book I created about some years ago… not just about things I wanted {cuz I had already made lots of money, lived in the big home, drove the luxury cars, etc}, but more about what I wanted to FEEL and EXPERIENCE daily… inner acceptance + joy, freedom to be unapologetically me, deeper connection, more clarity + confidence about my soul’s calling, more expansive creativity, meaningful impact, inspiring others, and so much more.

And if you’ve been privy to the tiny peeks inside my life, then you’ll see how the pages of my Vision Book match most of what’s in my current reality… so I’m always in the process of expanding + creating more.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The reality you create doesn’t always look identical to the visuals of your mind’s eye or your vision book… just keep creating in alignment with your desires. I’ve discovered that I always create more amazing + expansive than even I visioned at the time!



IMG_7148 IMG_7150

IMG_7152 IMG_7153 IMG_7157

You really can have it all you just need to be clear about what your all is. And is it in alignment with your core values + what you say you want to feel and experience in your life… for yourself. your family, your community, and the world??

“Success is so much more rich and rewarding when it is measured by the reflection of your inner wealth, not only your money and material wealth.” – Kalyani Roldan

FUN FACT: This book that is now my vision book, earlier in it’s life adventure was a kids board book from the Dollar Store… that I covered with scrapbook papers and embellished with all things delightful + meaningful to me to bring my Visions to life. Ya’ll know you love a sweet $1 deal! So go get yourself a book, get some goodies from Michael’s or your local craft store, and get going… breathing life into your beautiful vision. <3


Celebrating with you, Kalyani

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