Meditation to Increase Your Purpose + Passion + Prosperity

Meditation to Increase Your Purpose, Passion, Prosperity

If you’re not a daily meditator or aren’t sure about the REAL incredible LIFE GIVING benefits of meditation…

and how it’s a catalyst in shifting perception and mindset, balancing emotions, aligning energy and creating ease and flow in every area of your life and business… then you’ll definitely want to read further about them in the graphic below and you can even quickly discover 100 benefits of meditation here after you finish reading my post.

the Benefits of Meditation

But even more important I want to share some of the ways that meditation has been a catalyst in my life in so many ways, including revealing my soul’s calling, being more passionate about every moment of life and creating incredible abundance.

It’s a simple tool that gives profound benefits with only 15-30 minutes a day. There are all sorts of different options and methods for meditating, and I don’t see any particular one being better than another. The intention is to practice focusing your attention to a single point of reference for a specific period of time. It can involve focusing on the breath, bodily sensations, a word mantra or by using alpha/theta/guided meditation methods.

It’s a powerful tool that we, the Radical Roldans, have been using for 20+ years, including with our kiddos since they were in my belly. And initially when we started, it was challenging to stop thinking… in fact because I was intentionally trying to calm my thoughts sometimes it seemed like they got even more active.

And 20+ years later I still have thoughts when I meditate, but I don’t try to stop them rather I observe what the thoughts are and then just redirect my attention to either my breathing or the meditation music.

And it’s not like all of a sudden I felt miraculously different than ever have before, but I suppose that’s also possible, but I did and still do today experience continued increases over time in my self confidence, belief level, energy vibration, how I feel emotionally, how I respond rather than react to things, and the overall well being of ease and flow of my life.

And as these shifts were happening that’s when I also began to reap the benefits with my physical body as well. My body began releasing toxic build up, ailments dissipated, my energy and strength increased and my overall health and well being still continues to get younger even as my age increases.

My hubby, Darsana, has experienced these same benefits and our partnership during our 20+ years together continues to evolve and grow into more than we could ever have imagined. Not because we have to do things to make it that way, but because we’re both so invested in being the most conscious, extraordinary version of ourselves which naturally affects every part of our lives and how we show up to each other, and most importantly being spiritual mentors for the amazing kiddos we’re blessed to share this life adventure with.

Besides the fact of who Darsana and I are as spiritual mentors and how we BE in everyday life as examples for our kiddos {which we credit to consistent meditation and other daily practices over the years}, meditation has empowered our precious kiddos, Jivani & Jamaili {the adorable ones in the feature photo of this post}, to be grounded in the TRUTH of who they are which is balanced, focused, centered, compassionate, creative, joyful, resilient, intelligent, confident, aware, playful, healthy, vibrant, engaged, interested, enthusiastic and so much more. And when they do experience contrast from who they are or what they want, they are able to to tap back into their natural state with much more ease.

And I’ve abSOULutely experienced this to be true for myself too!

And if that isn’t enough awesome sauce for ya… imagine the synergy and collaboration that happens in our family because we’re all in it to win it in this wild and wacky adventure of life. Now that’s not to say that we don’t encounter some bumps on our path occasionally, but when we do we know that we can count on each other to work the kinks out together, reminding each other of our inner power of choice to move forward focused on what serves us {rather than get stuck in the muck}.

Meditation is not meant to be a quick fix remedy for unresolved issues. For me it’s always been about reconnecting to the TRUTH of who I am and strengthening my solid foundation of life from the inside out.

I believe meditation is an essential component and daily practice to CLAIM + IGNITE + THRIVE your soul’s calling and live an extraordinary life. The key like with anything in life is commitment to consistency if you really want to experience the undeniably powerful results.

So I want to share with you the high quality brainwave meditation method that our family uses daily and recommends to plug into and connect with the source of all LIFE… that have helped us in every way that the graphic above mentions and many of the 100 other benefits, to live a more Happy + Healthy + Prosperous life.

Watch the short video about Holosync Meditation and get your free download from Centerpointe Research.

Please indulge yourself AND pass on the powerful GIFT of meditation.

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Be blessed on your journey, Kalyani

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