Momentum Flow Adventure 1

Momentum Flow Adventure 1

Momentum Flow Adventure 1

Momentum Flow starts today! 

This is a creative and transformational series of fun daily adventures to increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires with powerful ease and flow.

The most valuable TRUTH for anyone to know and embody is this… NO ONE, NOTHING and NO FORCE is keeping you from the desires that you’ve visioned.

Once they’ve been inspired within you they are meant to be fulfilled through you. The only thing keeping them from your reality is YOU… more specifically your energetic resonance aka vibrational alignment with them.

There is simply an energetic gap between what you want and your realization of it. And what keeps the gap from closing – meaning you experiencing what you want – is that you most likely focus your attention on the fact that it’s still not in your reality, so you seek solutions and strategies to make it happen.

The real solution is to shift your attention and focus on raising your energy vibration through feelings + thoughts + actions that are either general about or not related to what you want. This releases known and unknown resistance and as you do this you begin to be more in vibrational alignment with what you want.

So these next 30 days through my Momentum Flow series I’ll be giving you simple and fun adventures that will abSOULutely help you increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires.

To get started you definitely should complete the exercises from my Inner Wealth Manifesta: The Truth to Being in Vibrational Alignment and Momentum To Receive All You Desire 

Inner Wealth Manifesta iPad Cover Aweber

And then jump right in with your first adventure assignment below.

Momentum Flow Adventure 1

Write a letter to yourself – as if the 30 days already happened – full of emotion + excitement + enthusiasm, thanking you for playing this fun, yet powerfully effective game to raise your vibrational frequency and recognizing that you’ve come into alignment with certain desires that you had when you started.

Then read this letter to yourself – full of emotion + excitement + enthusiasm – 2 times per day during the 30 days, noticing your energy level when you’re reading it and celebrating that it raises each time and each day. And of course celebrating as each desire becomes present in your reality.  Enjoy!

And tune in for Momentum Flow Adventure 2 tomorrow <3

Smooches! Kalyani

Kalyani Roldan Women's Inner Wealth Coach



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