Momentum Flow Adventure 11

Momentum Flow 11


Momentum Flow 11

“For life’s tidbits + moments + musings that make you smile.”
– Kalyani Lila Roldan


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I know you hear it said all the time… the fastest path to anything is to be GRATEFUL for where you are right now and what you’ve created so far. Even if there’s elements of your life that don’t reflect what you want… dig deeper… see the little things… and make your gratitude list of at least 5 things everyday – better yet 3 every morning and every night.

This is a great practice to have in your life for sure, because it keeps you focused on what’s working.

I know and you know already that you’re thankful {hint hint} for the freedom you have everyday, healthy food you have access to, your beautiful home, that you and your family are healthy, that you and your partner love each other, that you have what you need, and that life is pretty good, etc.

But sometimes {maybe even often} you experience that writing what you’re grateful for doesn’t necessarily make you FEEL thankful… or even energetically expanded at the time.

So we’re going to take a sideways skip from the gratitude journal.

Momentum Flow Adventure 11 – SMASH It Into Your Joy Journal

Just for a bit let’s get out of the thinking about what you’re grateful for and get into feeling what’s joyful in your life.

To do this I want you to create a beautifully messy JOY JOURNAL.

Go gather up those little love notes + memorabilia + momentos of everyday life, that mean so much to you, that you’ve been saving in your keepsake box and SMASH them into a joy journal that you can keep right next to you on your bedside table and look at whenever you’re inspired. You can see one of my joy journals here.

Smile and feel the joy!

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Feelin the joy, Kalyani

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