Momentum Flow Adventure 2

Momentum Flow 2

Momentum Flow Adventure 2

Creative + fun + transformational daily adventures to increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires with powerful ease and flow.

When you’re in the space between what you desire and the realization of it in your life, this means that the thoughts and emotions you’re currently having about the desire is focused on the absence of it in your life, which simply perpetuates the not having or experiencing it.

And the way to know where you are is to gauge how you feel when you think about that desire. You may feel a sense of desperation like you can’t see how it could be possible, or you may feel a longing and wishing that it would happen, or you may feel hopeful, or even enthusiastic and excited like it’s going to be in your life any moment.

And there’s all sorts of varying degrees between these spaces I’ve described.

The key to mastering allowing with ease is to disengage your thoughts and emotions – which equals your energy vibration – about your particular desire until you’re at the enthusiastic and excited energy.

Which means that you’re content about your life right now and excited about the always expanding new you’re creating.

And the way that you can accomplish this is to think about other things in your life that are already fulfilling, or engage in activities that get you out of thinking about much of anything other than the fun you’re having in the moment, and I’ve practiced on many occasions remembering about other times when I came into alignment with a particular desire and as well in general in my life with areas of my life that feel fully aligned.

So for this adventure I want you to do a fantastic activity that I LOVE doing regularly because even when I’m not focused on a particular desire it’s brings in a rush of high energy that I can deposit to my energy bank account.

And I recommend to all my clients that they discover activities that they enjoy so much that they can do regularly several times a week to keep depositing energy reserves so to speak.

What we’re going for here is to keep building energy upon energy rather than creating a burst of energy and then days and days go by without you investing in yourself, so the next energy burst has to make up for depletion.

Momentum Flow Adventure 2

What I want you to do is go for a walk or run in a new beautiful place to bask in all the new scenery. Be totally interested and involved in your surroundings. Be absorbed in all the most intricate details of nature, buildings, doors, windows, colors, sounds, people, animals, even smells, how the air feels, etc. If you’re like me, you going to want to have your iPhone or camera ready to capture all the amazing beauty.

Don’t even let your mind jump in here and start saying things like I don’t have anywhere new in my neighborhood or it’s not that pretty anyway or I don’t have the time to drive somewhere new… yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is the exact kind of thoughts and energy that is keeping you from aligning with what you want. And I promise you that this joyous adventure will raise your energy vibration if you allow it which then brings you that much closer to being aligned.

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