Momentum Flow Adventure 3

Momentum Flow Adventure 3

Momentum Flow Adventure 3

Creative + fun + transformational daily adventures to increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires with powerful ease and flow.

I’ll bet you’d be very surprised to realize how much the amount of thinking – about situations you don’t want to be experiencing in your life or what you don’t yet have that you’re longing for {or stinkin thinkin as I call it} – you do everyday actually zaps your energy – emotionally + spiritually + physically.

And I’ll bet you’d be even more surprised to realize that your morning investment in YOU from the very moment you open your eyes in bed tremendously impacts the momentum of how the rest of your day plays out.

So it seems to me that the most important choice you make every day is to invest in your inner wealth first thing in the morning no matter what!

Meditation is a very simple yet potent way to focus your attention on quiet inward connection free from thoughts. Anytime that you give your mind a rest from the millions of thoughts {of this nonserving nature} being processed at any given moment, you give yourself the gift of expansion and replenishment.

And it stops the thoughts and energy spiraling further in the direction you don’t want to open the space for the momentum to shift towards purpose + passion + prosperity.

You can read further about all the life giving benefits of meditation as a catalyst to shifting perception and mindset, balancing emotions, aligning energy and creating ease and flow in every area of your life.
Momentum Flow Adventure 3

Just like momentum, meditation builds the more you practice it. So for this adventure I’d like you to meditate for 15-30 minutes EVERY morning as soon as you wake for the next 7 days. If you already meditate regularly, I still want you to commit to it first thing in the morning before anything else. Focusing on your heart beat, your breath, or using meditative music.

Remember thoughts are going to happen, and when they do simply refocus immediately on your heart beat, breath or the music. Whether the thoughts seem high, low or insignificant, for this practice don’t evaluate or finish out the thoughts. Release them where they are and redirect your attention.

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In the quiet connection, Kalyani

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