Momentum Flow Adventure 4


Momentum Flow 4

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COLORS are everywhere in our life. All of nature is comprised of an awesome array of {intentional} colors. We paint and decorate our homes hopefully with colors that we love to look at and inspire something within when we enter the room. We have a favorite color because of a significant meaning or how it makes us feel.

However like anything else when we get used to seeing something regularly or we get caught up in the busyness of life we can forget the value of appreciating what’s readily available to us. The colors that surround us in everyday life can give us energy if we are tuned in and open to this free flow.

When I see the color green right away I think of the abundance of plants and trees that breathe life to us and I think of the energy flow of money. Pink and Aqua are my favorite colors, as you probably already noticed from my website, and I feel very vibrant + expressive when I wear these colors. Darsana and I have always painted and decorated our homes with beautiful colors everywhere – even in the closets – because we want to feel invigorated in our sanctuary. When I was 6 I had an amazing pair of red vinyl boots – think GoGo style – that I literally felt like I had super powers when I wore them. Yeah baby!

What’s your favorite color and why? Has it changed over the years as you’ve evolved?

Momentum Flow Adventure 4

Take a look around your home at all the colors you’ve chosen and reconnect with why you chose them. How do they make you feel? Wear something more brightly colored that you haven’t worn in a while and/or be more adventurous to mix up your color combinations. Set your intention to notice colors more throughout your day and when a color catches your eye, check in with how it makes your energy feel… energetic, calm, soothing.

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