Momentum Flow Adventure 5

Momentum Flow 5

“Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint you can on it.” – Danny Kaye

Creative + fun + transformational daily adventures to increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires with powerful ease and flow.

I very much consider myself a creative artist. I’ve been expressing and expanding it since I was a teenager. More than half of all the photos that you see in my sharing, including for this Momentum Flow series, are photos that I’ve taken with my own creative skill. I’ve never taken a photography course… yet, I just experiment and explore my potential.

And the photo for this particular Momentum Flow is actually of my very first canvas I painted many years ago for a Valentine’s Day auction.

I really believe that we all have innate creative genius within us that we’re meant to express in uniquely different ways. Some of us recognize and tap into it sooner than others.

If you’ve explored and cultivated your creative flow, like I have daily for decades, then you know how freakin amazing you feel when you’re in this high vibrational inner wealth zone. Even for those of us who are very critical on ourselves and sometimes never quite satisfied with our creations.

Maybe you aren’t sure what you’re creative genius is or even thought that you had any, but I bet there’s something you’ve noticed {even if only a small glimmer} that really stirs your soul.

Tapping into our creative force is a very powerful momentum shifting technique. Not only does it raise your energy level, it gets the feel good endorphins movin and it totally gets all your genius juices flowing and can be just the jolt of idea inspiration you need for something else in your life or business.

Momentum Flow Adventure 5

It’s time to give your spirit a big burst… a tsunami surge… a rapturous rush of combustive creative energy! So dedicate some time today to make a mess in your art studio {oh how I miss mine} or grab your writing tools and get in your favorite flow spot or whatever is your creative genius… go ahead get tuned in + tapped in + turned on.

If you’re still in the discovery stage of what your creative genius is, then start exploring and experimenting with some things to see what lights you up.

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From my creative soul to yours, Kalyani

Kalyani Roldan Women's Inner Wealth Coach



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