Momentum Flow Adventure 8

Momentum Flow Adventure 8


Momentum Flow Adventure 8

“With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.”
– Dr. Seuss

Creative + fun + transformational daily adventures to increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires with powerful ease and flow.

Darsana and I went for a phenomenal {and very hot + sweaty} jog yesterday morning in Viejo San Juan again along the Paseo el Morro. It’s a stunning paved path along the wall of El Morro right at the ocean edge with an enormous barrier of gigantic boulders on the other side of the path to protect from any further water erosion to the mountain side and the wall of El Morro. Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!

Wowzer, just a quick side note – nothing to do with selfies, but I want to share that the ocean was incredibly active both Saturday and Sunday – the waves were about 10 feet high with white water crashing as high as 20 feet!

So of course we love to have photos of us together so we gotta snap selfies otherwise we have to be stopping people along the way, to take those always posed photos… and who does that anymore. Or you’re like our family with thousands of photos, but there’s always someone missing from the shot, cuz they’re behind the camera.

And it got me thinking about how fun it is trying to snap selfies that have us at the right angle {you know extreme close ups can be very unforgiving} and still be able to see the background when the iPhone is only at arms stretch {yeah we don’t carry around a camera selfie extender lol}, and then we’re always giggling about who can more easily reach the button to snap the shot.

We even passed by 3 ladies stopped to snap a selfie of the three of them, laughing hysterically as they tried to all fit in the shot, and when we offered to take a photo of them… come on you know their response – they’re just grand with the selfie.

We always get a great laugh snapping selfies… and then there’s the joy of the “afterlaugh” of looking at the silly selfies later!

Here’s one of our cool selfies from yesterday. You can get a visual too of the El Morro wall + path + the rock barrier that I described earlier {oh yeah and the hot + sweaty part too}.

Darsana & Kalyani Selfies in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Momentum Flow Adventure 8 – Snap Some Silly Selfies

Alright so this one is in honor of our digital techie times… and of course one of the most iconic things to do when you’re out and about… and even just hangin around… snap some selfies! It’s really a hoot! So go grab your iPhone and snap some selfies either right where you are or run out to do something just so you can snap some selfies.

ps: Yep! You gotta get real silly and fit the whole family in the selfies too! Don’t ya love ours above?!

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Feeling silly, Kalyani

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