Momentum Flow Adventure Series

Momentum Flow Adventure Series

Momentum Flow Adventure Series

Creative + fun + transformational daily adventures to increase your energy vibration and momentum towards your desires with powerful ease and flow.

The most valuable TRUTH for anyone to know and embody is this… NO ONE, NOTHING and NO FORCE is keeping you from the desires that you’ve visioned.

Once they’ve been inspired within you they are meant to be fulfilled through you. The only thing keeping them from your reality is YOU… more specifically your energetic resonance aka vibrational alignment with them.

When you’re in the space between what you desire and the realization of it in your life, this means that the thoughts and emotions you’re currently having about the desire is focused on the absence of it in your life, which simply perpetuates the not having or experiencing it.

The best thing you can do is to shift your attention and focus on raising your energy vibration through feelings + thoughts + actions that are either general about or not related to what you want. This releases known and unknown resistance and as you do this you begin to be more in vibrational alignment with what you desire.

Over the next 30 days and possibly longer – let’s see how it goes, cuz I don’t like to over do anything, that actually can take away from the flow – I’ll be sharing these awesome quick adventures that you can do daily. These are all things that I’ve done in my life for years and continue to do today, because they work.

The key is that you want to make these a part of a daily practice, so that you lay a foundation that you keep building energy upon energy, rather than do these when you already feel way off track as a way to bring you back in alignment.


If you missed any of the previous Momentum Flow Adventures you can access all of them here.


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LOVE + FLOW, Kalyani


Kalyani Roldan Women's Inner Wealth Coach



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