Money or Meaning?

What do you believe really matters most… MONEY or MEANING?

After successfully creating, launching and running several 6 figure businesses over 18+ years – each quite different – this is what I know…

what matters most is that I know my worth and claim my inner wisdom and power to be the positive impact and legacy of love I came here to be for myself, my family, people I interact with on a daily basis… and all humanity, animals and the planet.

And it certainly requires money… to make my business an extension of my life and my life message to be a movement that inspires others.

And because you’re living in a human body is all the proof you need to know that you’re here by Divine appointment {and mutual agreement on your part} to live your soul’s calling, being + doing magnificent works which can only be expressed through you… in radiant abundance in every aspect of your life… yes INCLUDING money wealth.

So I’ll tell you what I think really matters most… abSOULutely BOTH… MONEY + MEANING.

MONEY is simply a physical representation of energy like anything else. It’s an important component of life that gives us the great pleasure of living the life we design.

MEANING is the fuel of our soul that is different for each of us, what makes us feel purposeful – that we matter.

And together they make life juicy… fueled by purpose + passion + prosperity.

Now the money is more meaningful. Now the money is more wisely used. Now the money has greater impact and purpose.

Everyone of us is Divinely designed to create our life filled with abundant flow of money AND being of meaningful service to others… this is the ultimate thriving!

As MOMs {Mentors of Magnificence} we are blessed with a very essential extra component to our life purpose in our journey, and that is to be the example of living intentionally + consciously + deliberately creating the meaningful life we’re designed to, because we have the GREATEST direct impact on our children – what they believe + how they view the world + what they believe they’re capable of.

And I’m not saying that the path will always be easy… but when you’ve made the decision to claim your truth + ignite your inner wealth… and you’re committed to loving the journey no matter what’s happening… this is when life becomes the wildly sweet adventure it’s meant to be.

And when you’re facing those moments that sometimes shake us to our core… every time you push through you gain more confidence in yourself and you feel more liberated and you live more fulfilled.

What I know for sure that I’ve learned over the past 20+ years is that as an entrepreneur of both LIFE and BUSINESS you must STRETCH + grow.

It is up to each of us individually to step out of the OLD paradigm and into the NEW era of being fully accountable + full engaged = fully living.

It is only then that we can truly + fully experience this glorious thing we call life.

But it’s up to each of us to empower ourselves and our families to be who we’re meant to be at each precious moment.

This is why I say what really matters most… is money AND meaning.


With grace + gumption, Kalyani



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