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“Make today a reflection of your most glorious life… even if right now it’s only in your VISION… cuz that’s where it starts anyway.” – Kalyani Roldan

When circumstances in our lives are going great we’re all usually ready to jump up and take all the credit for what we’ve created…

and then when we hit bumps along the way or even find ourself climbing what seems like an insurmountable mountain, we’re more often too quick to place blame and make excuses for why what is.. is.

What I’ve discovered in my own life adventure is that the more I Own It All – 100% {even in the moments of adversity}…

the more I KNOW I create everything {good + bad + indifferent} for Divine revealing and expansion and the more EMPOWERED I feel to BELIEVE I can alter the inner vision in my head to truly create exactly what I want to experience in the outer vision.

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