The Simple Science to Being Happy

 Simple Science of Being Happy

Is there really a SIMPLE science to being HAPPY?

YES! And it never fails… that’s the beauty of science.

It’s simply a CHOICE you make each and every day {or moment} whether you’re happy or not.  I know this may not be what you wanted to hear because it can make you feel even more unhappy… that you’re not CHOOSING it… and it’s this simple.

But it REALLY is!

Sure people have offered all sorts of strategies, formulas, and practices to help you feel happy or happier, but what it really comes down to is this… being HAPPY is a choice. Not based on or because of what’s happening in your physical reality, but from the TRUTH of who you are.

When you choose to be happy simply because you’re delighted to experience this amazing reality called life, then you’re accessing an inner wealth of power that gives you the deliberate ability to design your life on the outside to match the happy you feel in the inside.

Yes you have the ability to choose to THINK happy + FEEL happy + BE happy any given moment.

My friends I’ve been exercising my HAPPY muscle for years, and I truly believe that like anything else we do over extended periods of time they become more natural in our life and we don’t have to put so much effort into it.

And at the same time life is an ever rollin on journey… filled with peaks and valleys… some of which can seem like they kick our butt… and I want to feel inner HAPPY all of my life regardless of circumstances or situations. And beyond their own navigation of feelings, I want to be the {HAPPY} point of reference that my kiddos look at when they are building their inner compass.

So I have a daily morning practice {that includes this awesome happier app} and take congruent actions daily {you can read more about that here} that inspire me to BE HAPPY… and I still have moments in life that I really need to be conscious to CHOOSE HAPPY.

And this music video from Pharrell Williams definitely sparks my HAPPY!

Let’s celebrate this HAPPY gift of LIFE! The brilliant John Lennon said it very simply…

John Lennon Don't Worry Be Happy

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In Sweet Happy, Kalyani

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