Success that Feels as Good as It Looks

Honestly who doesn’t love the sweetness of success.

Although numerous studies have concluded that it rarely ranks in the top five most important factors of a thriving life for most people, it’s still so alluring that we can temporarily lose connection with what’s really important to us in the constant pursuit of more success.

The dictionary defines it as: the accomplishment of an aim, purpose or prosperity.

Nothing there specifically says only related to material wealth or status, however in our society this has been misconstrued for centuries. Consequently and unfortunately, for many, becoming the sole focus, as another way of fulfilling the void within.

Having achieved this definition of success, over the last three decades, from my perspective and personal experience, this definition lacks vision of meaningful and fulfilled success, and it’s most definitely not all the essential ingredients for a thriving life.

Now I’m certainly not advocating relinquishing your current success or desire to achieve expanded levels of it… evolution is a natural desire and drive.

As passionately, driven people, we can inadvertently tangle our Self worth up in reaching the accomplishment as validation of how good we are, because deep inside we keep hearing the, I’m not enough record on repeat. We feel successful… and yet insecure at the same time.

But I am advocating that when you sprinkle some soul into your success {and by this we mean heaps of it}, you begin to live with deeper purpose and what we’ve experienced as being fully engaged with life, intrigued by all experiences, and more easily allowing the authentic version of yourSelf to emerge.

Despite all these accomplishments you still don’t feel enough. Because the soul is missing purpose. You’ll never be able to honestly enjoy any success until you feel worthy and fulfilled from within.

Wherever you are on your journey, it’s my intention that these five simple shifts will ignite a new quest of soul success, that FEELS as BEAUTIFUL INSIDE as it looks outside.

1} Stop Defining Yourself: This is the number one stress inducing coma of success, that literally has resulted in the death and destruction of many. You are not what you achieve or accomplish and you are not the titles or accolades you acquire during your human quest on the planet. It is a natural desire to always seek to be more of who we really are. However, as high achievers we can often be unknowingly driven, seeking to BE ENOUGH through our accomplishments. This is not possible. When you no longer need to validate your Self worth through anything you do, you are liberated. You feel free to be YOU, not who you think others need you to be.

2} Define for YourSelf: We all will inevitably discover that material achievement is only a small portion of success, for those of us who are not willing to sacrifice or settle. Claim your courage to forge your own path with your own vision of what a richly rewarding, fulfilling, thriving, beautiful life {of success} looks like for you. Yes there is a cookie cutter version of success that you are welcome to live by. There’s also an evolutionary, super exciting, interesting and abSOULutely more fulfilling version of success… YOURS!

3} You Are Your Legacy: WHO you are and the life you live is your legacy. What does your legacy say about you? What do you stand for? BE your legacy. Yes, how you look, what you wear, where you live, the car you drive, etc. they are important, but not because of status… they visually represent your values. More importantly, WHO are you being… whether people are looking or not? Integrity. Unity. Equality. Love. Joy. Peace. Honesty. Loyalty. etc.

4} They’re Not Mutually Exclusive: I think at one point in our journey as we reveal more of our true Self we struggle, us included, with the idea that being more spiritual means we shouldn’t want material wealth, and yet we so enjoy the luxuriousness of the material stuff. We question the validity of our own connection with and care of humanity, animals and the planet. Ultimately wondering, is it really possible to be both rich and conscious? We are spiritual beings inhabiting a human body, therefore designed to thrive only by satisfying ALL DIMENSIONS of ourSelf.

5} Claim Your Inner Power: It’s time to stop draining your SELF for success! It’s understandable with all the messages of society that the measure of one’s success is visual accomplishments, that we put so much pressure on ourself to achieve, what we think we should, rather than what’s aligned with us. Success is not about accumulation, it’s an exciting journey of liberation.

And a bonus, cuz that’s how I roll. Always giving more to help you BE more.

6} Your Why: I know you’ve heard this so many times… What’s your big why for everything you do and want to accomplish? Do you really need a why other than the glorious realization that life is calling you to FULLER expansion of your Self, and you simply feel compelled to answer the call? Invest in yourSelf in every way that’s calling you forth.

If what you REALLY want is to eliminate any desire at all to engage ever again in sabotaging behaviors {including empty success}, and get on with being the person you came to be, so you can experience soul success while you make your important impact in the world…

then the price is steep!

You have to invest in yourSelf to BE the person WHO can claim an aligned life that’s worthy of you. A life that FEELS as good as it looks. You’ve come this far cuz you already know you have the fortitude to do it!


Kalyani XO



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